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Mrs. Johnson's Kindergarten Weekly News

April 4, 2016

Sneak Peek of the Week Ahead...

WEEKLY THEME: Down On The Farm-Week 2


This week will continue our Down on the Farm unit. We will return to the barn and focus on learning about all aspects of a farm, including: different animals that live on a farm, sounds animals make, what kinds of crops are grown, the typical daily routine on a farm, why farms are important to people in many aspects of their daily lives, and why each farm is special.

We will focus on individual farm animals each day:



Wednesday - pigs

Thursday - chickens (We will learn the story of the Little Red Hen)

This unit will let children use their creativity and give them the opportunity to experience new and exciting wonders that take place on a farm.

Rosie's Walk
The Milk Makers


MOOOOOOOVE over for Farm Math. Math this week will revolve around the farm and farm animals. Skills will include sorting, patterning, problem solving, counting using place value and measurement.

We will continue working on our facts. Subtraction always seems to be a little harder for children that addition, so for the next two weeks, subtraction will be our focus.

Friendly Reminders


Children may bring stuffed animals or farm related items like tractors for sharing this week.

Important Dates

April 4 is Opening Day for the Reds. Children may wear red shirts or Reds shirt and uniform bottom to celebrate the day.

April 9 Art Beat Plan to attend this great event. You won't want to miss all of the events!

April 13

KJ to Mason Christian Village

9:30-11:00 Volunteers to drive will be needed

April 26

Field trip to The Learning Tree Farm


More information to follow


Dear Families,

The week ahead will be a busy and important one as we get back to spelling, centers and more of our usual routines. The children love center time and we have been away for awhile with Spring Break, Easter, and Spiritual Life Week. I know that the children are growing spiritually as I hear their conversations with other children. Does that ever bless my heart and make my day! They are thinking more about what is pleasing to our Heavenly Father and about the great love that Jesus demonstrated to us all by his great sacrifice. I love that they are able to balance the trimmings of Easter with the "real" Easter story. Bunnies, eggs,and chocolates are always sooo much fun but I do believe that the children are very aware and able to distinguish between the two "stories" and are beginning to feel the great love of our God.

Please let me know how I may be of any help to you. I am very pleased with the progress shown in our report cards. Please do remember that report cards are just a brief snapshot in a child's life. Progress in young children is ever changing and what may seem in the distant future, often arrives when no one is looking. I love that young children are so full of surprises!