Character Sketch Project

Made by: Chloe Lapp

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart "Wolfie"

I chose to accentuate Wolfie's mouth because it is his most noticeable feature. His voice and his words are what easily defines his character and personality. By listening to him talk, or laugh, you can get a good feel for what type of person Mozart was.

Most Memorable

The most memorable moment I chose from the movie was a scene that I thought truly showed his talent and proved his full potential as a composer. It was when Mozart was meeting the Majesty for the first time and as he was walking in the room the Majesty was playing a piece on the piano composed by Salieri. Once they all began talking, Mozart claimed he had already memorized the piece after only hearing it that one time. When challenged to play it for them, he did, and played it perfectly. He even added in a few notes and suggested Salieri change the composition to make it better. This was a moment that truly showed Mozart's personality by being bold and talented.

Most Embarrasing

The scene in the movie I thought was most embarrassing for Wolfie was after his first opera in Vienna. He was on stage with the lead singer for the opera, clearly a girl who he had had sexual relations with, and then his finance walked on stage and was introduced as so. The opera singer clearly had no knowledge of him being engaged and his fiancé was too naive to even notice what was going on. Although it was evident Mozart felt very uncomfortable as he laughed in his trademark laugh and looked eagerly back and forth at the both of them.

Quote from Salieri about Mozart

"God was singing through this little man"

Present Day Song/Artist

I think Mozart would still listen to classical music, even in modern times. I believe there would be some composers that he would find inspiring, especially since a lot of 21st century composers are unique with their style just how Mozart was during his time. Because of this I chose Mark Anthony Turnage as someone Mozart would like. Turnage did an opera over a celebrity that passed away due to drug abuse. This was a very bold and daring thing to do with an opera and I feel like Mozart would appreciate this attitude and style.

Present Day Movie

Because of Mozart's inappropriate, childish, outgoing and crude personality I think he would enjoy modern comedy movies. I think any movie with Will ferrel in it would be something he enjoyed. Particularly Step Brothers because of the humor and style of the movie.

Present Day Book

I chose The Great Gatsby as my book for Mozart. I think Mozart would admire the life Gatsby had and that he made it for himself. They are both very eccentric and outgoing, yet mysterious men and I feel like they have a lot in common. Both men did business "behind the scenes" that wasn't necessarily legal or good for the health in the long run. I believe Mozart would appreciate this book and the story it tells.