5th Grade Friday Update

Friday, January 29, 2016

Report Cards and Student At-Home Conferences

The report cards have been posted to Skyward and each student should have brought home his/her MP2 Portfolio. Please make sure you carve out some time to go over the report card, your child's work, and fill out the reflection sheet. This is important to your child, as setting goals and being realistic with progress is part of growing as a student.

Good Luck Lily Cassel and Chase Marentette at New Schools! We Will Miss You!!!

Curriculum Update

Math: Students wrapped up Unit 4 on decimals, and they are now into Unit 5, which will focus on fractions.

Science:We started our new unit on the Water Planet this week and we learned about the planets and the solar system. Next week, the students will have a short quiz about naming the planets in order from the Sun.

Social Studies: Students have continued to build their websites. Each website should have a map of the colonies, a blog from the perspective of a colonist, a page that highlights the main facts about the colonial regions, and a creative choice page. I hope your child will show you his/her site during your at-home conference. They really have been doing a great job of not only applying what they have learned about the colonies, but also applying technical skills in web design. Over the last 2 days, they have been given a creative choice for an extra webpage. Some of the projects include Colonial villages or plantations on Minecraft or Build with Chrome, creating parody songs with colonial lyrics, creating Voki's which are avatars that can talk and share facts, writing scripts to perform in front of a green screen, and designing screencasts to share information.We will continue to work on them Monday. Some of the kids may want to work on their projects this weekend at home, which is fine.


Again, your child has most of the materials to study from. The notes from each colonial region, the Google slideshow for each colony, and the map of the colonies will be needed. The BA is a performance BA, which means they will be writing in their own answers and completing tasks to share their knowledge. One task requires them to fill in a map outline and label the regions. Another task requires them to focus on one of the colonial regions and create a booklet about it, including the government, geography, economic activities, and religion. The BA will take a couple of days to complete, so we will start it on Friday and hopefully complete it on Monday or Tuesday.

Word Study: Sort 30 will be next week. As a reminder, you can find the lists and future lists on the 5th grade webpage or on Spelling City. If your child received a BEG on Word Study, we highly encourage you to have your child use Spelling City to practice his/her words each week using the games and other activities.

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The Textbook Has Been a Great Resource for Minecraft Creations!

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Students Played "Spend and Save" in Math This Week!

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Students Are Working on Solar System Mobiles in Science

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Great Job Gabby, Veronica, and Jules! We loved seeing you shine bright on stage last night in The Wiz!