How in the Milkyway are stars born?


How are stars born?

The process of makeing a Star is a wonderful, gorgus, amazing process. Everyone wishes to be there when a Star is made/born.Gravity is the utmost,crucial part in makeing a Star.Minus gravity,and there would be zilch, zero, absoloutely no Stars. Stars are beautiful and bright, so I wouldn`t want to not have no Stars. I selected the topic of Stars because I wated to learn more about the way Stars are born.So lets get to the subject.Stars are mostly composed of two gases,Hydrogen and Helium gases.Amazingly,the The Hydrogen and Helium gases,dust particals, and gravity take charge and draw themselves together,forming a clump,and.......

Finally,the crowding of the atoms,the heat and violent energy, forces the hydrogen atoms to combine.A STAR IS BORN!!!!

To sum it all up, the process of createing a star is amazing!

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