Kokanee Library Newsletter

November 2015

The Book Fair is Coming!

The Scholastic Book Fair will be in the Library from November 18-25 before and after school. The teacher preview is set for Tuesday, November 17th after school so feel free to stop by! I am also really trying to promote our Online Book Fair which runs from November 13-26. All online sales go to our book fair and include FREE shipping right to our school! If you send out any newsletters, feel free to share the link below to our online fair.


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Book Fair Reminders

  • Students have been instructed to return all library books by Tuesday, November 17th or to keep them until after Thanksgiving break.
  • Students will be unable to check out books during the Book Fair since the library will be overtaken by books for sale!
  • Students paying with cash will need to remember that there is an 8.6% sales tax added to the listed for sale price.

What's Happening in the Library this Month?

(Besides the Book Fair!)

Washington Children's Choice Picture Book Nominees!

Like the Sasquatch Award for Fiction, the Washington Children's Choice Picture Book award is for outstanding picture books. There are 20 nominated books that we will be sharing throughout the school year with 1st-3rd graders and then we will vote at the end of the school year on which book we like the best!

Technology Tips!


Looking for a simple and easy to use way to create visually appealing presentations? Find Prezi confusing and Google slides and powerpoint a little plain? Try EMAZE! Watch this video below for a quick overview of how it works.
emaze Tutorial - Creating Presentations with emaze


For those of you using iPads or chromebooks regularly in your classroom, check out Nearpod for cool interactive lessons that allow your students to become a part of the learning process. Check out this video introducing it below!
Nearpod: a discussion setting where kids are interacting

Quick Rubric

Need to quickly and easily create a rubric for your students?

Thanks for reading! Feel free to email with any questions!