Death Camps

By Jarrett Pellerin

How were they different? How were they the same?

What sets Death Camps apart from Work Camps is Death Camps were meant to exterminate and mass murder the Jews and the other "unwanted". The work camps were meant to keep the Jews and the "unwanted" enclosed and away from other people. Also, the Work Camps were meant to work as reformatory facilities, for punishment , for the POW's and as a transit camp. But the Work Camps did not work as extermination camps. They both are used to keep the jews and "unwanted" out of society and in a way, punish them for being who they're. They both also had terrible living conditions for the inmates.
Death Camps-Death camps were meant for the sole purpose to exterminate the Jews and the "unwanted". The extermination can be divided into the "pure" extermination camps and the "combined" extermination camps.

Work camps- The concentration camps were established to force labour onto the inmates, for work-reformatory purposes, POW camps and as a transit camp. Also, for the suppression of Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals and other "unwanted" people.

What was life like at the death camps?

Daily life in Death Camps consisted of prisoners working and slaving very hard. They would live and sleep in terrible housing conditions and this would discourage them. There was very little to no hope to get out or to live through the camp lifespan. Many prisoners would work and then get killed after they work. Other prisoners would watch their friends die in an instant. There was nothing they could do about it.

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-This video shows how bad life really was in the camps. It showed how many were killed in large numbers. It showed how they were killed, which was in gas chambers, most of the time. It showed how poorly they were treated and how uncomfortable living was for them in the camps. It portrayed the Nazis as terrible people who unfortunetly, made millions of people suffer because of their beliefs.