Mr. Johnson Zero Hour


Element Name: Alexia Brackens

Atomic Mass: 115 pounds

Symbol: →→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→→

Discoverer: Bobby and Tammy Brackens

Occurrence: Highly concentrated deposits located in Dallas, Texas and Denton Texas. Extremely low quantities in Washington D.C., Tennessee, Florida


Surface Properties: DARK brown hair, brown eyes, brown skin, 5 feet and 3 inches, hair naturally curly but, normally straightened

Boils when... people are dishonest, people make me feel like I'm dumb, homework is given on a pep rally night

Melts if...given and ingest all nuts (PEANUTS) and all seafood and seasonal allergies occur

Can cause JOY if... given food.

Sad when...projects are given with little time to do them and not understanding work

Happy when...classwork is understood and group projects are done by ALL of the members of the group

Becomes stubborn and unyielding members have me do all the work or work is not explained


Is repelled by...mean-ness, bullies, homework

Is attracted, loyalty, respect, and kind hearts

May explode spontaneously when... there is a pop quiz, or a bug somewhere near me (dead or alive)

Requires copious amounts of... attention from teacher for help on assignments

Is inert if... I catch a cramp from my muscles overworking and/or if my muscles spasm. (does happen sometimes...)

Will repel...all things I'm allergic to, animals, bugs, unclean areas, and super noisy places

Is impervious to... the bell! I will forget that it rang don't really listen for it