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How to find gambling sites not blocked by Gamstop?

There are some website on the internet who are trying to get past these rules of Gamstop because they want that people should come to their website and then spend more and more money on their website just that they can profit from it and this is the reason why Gamstop has blocked this website from being accessed by people on the internet and these are the website owners which are trying to earn profit and in this way they are also taking away the name of the gambling in the UK government which means that they are trying to earn profit and in that procedure they will get gambling banned in the UK and due to which the people will not be able to gamble ever and due to this reason the gambling commission of UK are telling the people to follow their instructions and they have also told them about the problem but most of them are not listening to them and this is being out of control because there are certain examples in the UK itself which shows that the people are not listening to what the gambling commission of UK is telling and due to this reason they are being trolled by many people and this should not be done as they are working in the welfare of the people and they are trying to make gambling one of their best sports in the world that is in their country after seeing the love for the people who are gambling every day and seeing this love they are trying to make it legal in the UK and due to this reason they have created Gamstop and they are working regularly so that they can stop these kind of website on the internet which are just made to loot the people of their money and earn money and they are telling the people this common thing but they are not listening.
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Many websites have self-excluded themselves from the Gamstop list, which means that they are not ready to apply the rules and regulations set by the gambling commission of the UK, and they have created a thing called Gamstop, which is working 24/7 to make gambling a real thing. https://pick7.bet/gamstop-gambling You can click on this link to get more information about those websites which are not following the rules and regulation of Gamstop.

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