Cyber Bullying

See it, stop it

What is cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying is when someone is being mean or threatening you online.

Different types of cyber bullying

1. Blackmail

2. Hacking

3. Harassment

4. Trolling

5. Threatening

Where can it happen?

Cyber bullying can happen anywhere...

At home, school, at someone else's house... ANYWHERE!

What should you do if you recieve an abusive text or something you don't like online?

Definitely tell someone. If you know who the person is report them to someone like police, teachers and parents straight away so that you can stop the message/messages.

5 things to keep you and others safe online

Don't use the internet to be abusive or unkind

Never share your personal infomation

Don't tell ANYONE your password

Make sure you know who you're sending an email to

Anti-Bullying Elementary School Video (Dunsford)