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6th August 2021 Term 3 Week 2


Welcome to Term 3!

I hope you all had a great holiday and that you still have memories from this as we are now already into Week 3 of this term.

Our school roll is currently standing at 32 students and we are looking forward to some younger siblings of current families joining us later in the term. We have recently welcomed Max, Scarlett and Blake to our Albury Kid family along with Lennox and Jack McG. Jack and Soren joined us mid term two.

Kickstart Breakfast

We have received a supply of Weetbix and Milk to provide this to our students throughout the day as required. We will set up a system to enable students to have some of this if they want. I can see there may be a “dishwashing group” set up! On a cold day, a sink of hot water can be quite the treat!

Funding Grant Application

Our thanks to Georgina McKerchar who was the BOT rep to apply for a grant to the A&R Edgar South Canterbury Trust & General Charitable Fund South Canterbury. We have been fortunate to receive an amount of $988 to go towards new sports equipment for our Albury Kids. They are really looking forward to getting some new balls that keep the air in!!

School Speeches

These will be held at the Albury Community Hall next Wednesday 18th from 1.00pm. It is a great afternoon of entertainment, and our students love sharing their speeches (Y3-6) and poems (NE-Y2) with you. Please invite anyone and everyone to come along!


Friday 22nd October

My thanks to Laura and Nicole as our Pet Day Support Committee!

More information will be sent out.

Better Start Literacy Approach

Our Te Manahuna Kāhui Ako applied to be included in the next rollout of professional development and implementation of the Better Start Literacy Approach. This approach, training and funding are being supported by the Ministry of Education and the University of Canterbury. The literacy programme will extend our current early years programme. We are excited that the approach uses the science behind learning to read, the understanding of phonics and word groupings in a relevant and responsive approach for our early readers.

There is a strong whanau partnership with the programme and our NE-Y1 parents will be invited to join us on this journey. We will be adding this approach to our already successful literacy programme to enable our young readers to effectively use the new Ministry provided readers. Both Elsie and I are training with our local facilitator alongside staff from St Joseph’s School and Cannington.

Donna Donnelly


Albury School

Albury School Ski Day - Roundhill

On Wednesday the 28th July Albury School went to Roundhill for our annual Ski Day.

Everyone was looking forward to some fun in the snow and we were lucky to find perfect weather conditions.

The friendly team at Roundhill equipped us with tickets and skiing gear and after some morning tea it was time for the lessons.

The children were put into groups depending on their skill levels. For some of our students it was their first time skiing and it was fantastic to see their patience and resilience with which they tried to master those unfamiliar extensions to their legs. After some practice and with lots of determination there were soon some big smiles as the children were showing of their new skills.

Most of our older students had been on skis before and got right back into it, remembering how to ski from previous years.

All the exercise in the fresh mountain air is hungry work and everyone was pleased to stop for some lunch after a fun morning on the slopes.

Once we were all refuelled there was more skiing to be done while some of the children preferred to play in the snow.

At the end of the day we had happy and tired kids after another beautiful day on the mountain.

Year 3-4 Girls Self Defence Course

The Year 3-4 girls had a day at Fairly Primary School on Friday 30th July working with the facilitator ( They had a great day assertively learning some lifelong skills with laughter and enjoyment! Thanks to Tracey for supporting them throughout the day.



  • Thursday 5th: Sushi
  • Wednesday 18th: Albury School Speech and Poetry Day 1.00pm
  • Thursday 19th: Sushi
  • Wednesday 25th: Mackenzie Schools District Speech Competition 11.00am

(representative students)


  • Wednesday 1st: Fledgling Fours 11.00am
  • Wednesday 1st: New PaAfternoon Tea 3.30pm
  • Thursday 2nd: Timaru District Schools Speech Competition (Lions Club of Timaru)
  • Thursday 2nd: Sushi
  • Wednesday 8th: Fish and Chip Lunch with Playgroup
  • Wednesday 15th: Fledgling Fours 11.00am
  • Thursday 16th: Sushi

  • Friday 24th : Teacher Only Day - SCHOOL CLOSED
  • Monday 27th: South Canterbury Anniversary Day - SCHOOL CLOSED

  • Wednesday 29th: Fledgling Fours 11.00am
  • Thursday 30th: Sushi


  • Friday 1st: Last Day Term 3

  • Monday 18th: First Day Term 4
  • Friday 22nd: Pet Day
  • Monday 25th: Labour Day - SCHOOL CLOSED


  • Wednesday 24th November to Friday 26th November Senior Camp Living Springs

Piwakawaka Classroom

Welcome back after the holidays. We are now well and truly settled into our learning routine.

This term we welcomed Scarlett to our class - 18 students now which is fantastic, and they are a pleasure to teach!

Term 3 is about speech and poetry, science fair and man we are busy learning.

Our science focus is the weather - looking at how quickly it takes a hand towel to dry each day depending on the weather. We will be learning how to look at the weather forecast on different websites and read the temperature.

During reading the beginner readers are learning letters and sounds, blends and putting these together to make words. The other students are focusing on answering questions about the text, and reading for information. Keep up the great reading at home - the more we are read to, listen to others read and read ourselves the better our reading and writing gets.

Week 3 is Maths Week! Keep an eye on the Albury School Whanau Facebook page for some photos and updates of what we are doing. We will have quizzes, challenges, competitions and a lot of fun with our maths! Rumours are flying that one of the reading groups have prepared a maths play to present to the class also...Watch this space!

As part of our speech writing we have written about our day skiing and what we want to do when we grow up. Here are some examples of our amazing writing!

When I grow up I want to be a MovNat Instructor so they know when to use it, and a famous boxer like Muhmmad Ali - Soren

When I grow up I want to be a farmer because I like shifting sheep and shearing. I also like working with lambs. -Paige

I went skiing yesterday and it was fun but I did fall over a lot. I got a big bruise it was sore and it stung. The snow was hard and soft which made it dangerous. I realised that I had a bruise and it was bad because it was blue and very painful. I got up again and again and again. - Ana

When I grow up I want to be a famous ballerina that travels the whole world and wins every competition and gets first place. I also want to be a gymnast and my favourite events would be floor and beam. Would you like to know what days that I do? So I do ballet twice a week and do gymnastics three times a week and it's really fun! - Meila

Elsie Greenwood

Piwakawaka Teacher

Tui Classroom

What an exciting start to term 3. We’ve had our first session with Graham on the Rocket Challenge, we’re right in the thick of writing our speeches and delving into our Science Fair preparations, and of course, skiing at Round Hill last week!

It has been fantastic to have the Wonder Project Rocket Challenge coincide with Science Fair as the students are really getting into the right headspace. Graham has commented on the high level of interest and questioning. This week they have learned a bit about all the cool things Graham has done, the benefits of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), and the engineering process. Such rich learning!

Our preparation for the speeches started last term with learning how to write for the specific purpose - either writing to explain or writing to persuade - depending on the speech topic chosen. Most students have completed their planning and are well into drafting their writing.

Our class has also been building prior knowledge in regards to carrying out fair test investigations, in order to start their own science projects in the coming days.

We still need four more 1.5l L&P bottles for our Rocket Challenge session next week.

Mountain conditions are looking good for our skiers on Friday - take care, make the most of the lessons, soak up the learning and enjoy!

Kent Murray

Tui Teacher

Congratulations to the recipients of awards at assembly:

Albury School Speech and Poetry Day - Term 3

This year we have a slight change to our programme for speeches.

The Kāhui Ako discussed the topics last week and agreed that the speeches for the

District Competition (held at Albury school on the 25th August) will be in line with the

Lion’s Club topics which are set as part of their competition for Year 5/6 students,

being held on the 2nd September. This way the students can align their speeches.

Students in Years 3-6 will present speeches on one of these topics and will be supported in their writing of these through the language programme at school (and support from home!).

Students NE-Y2 will recite a poem.


What makes you happy?

Vegetables have feelings too.

The world would be a better place if …

When I grow up I want to be ……… because ……….

What my Grandparents have taught me/what they mean to me

Nap time should be a compulsory subject at school.

We know that there are some Year 3-6 students who love the poem section of the presentations and we want to encourage them to present these. However, these

will be presented at a different time to the “speech” competition and this will be on

a voluntary basis.

We have had to restructure the event as we have some time restraints because it is also SCIENCE FAIR early next term as well as the Lion’s Club Speech Competition!

Even though the days will start lengthening out, we don’t gain any more hours in the day!

So at this stage students can be thinking about Science and Speeches and we will come up with a presentation date for poems/songs at a later stage.


  • Albury School Speeches – 18th August 1.00pm start
  • Mackenzie Schools District Speech Competition - 25th August 11.00am
(representative students)
  • Timaru District Schools (Lion’s Club of Timaru) – 2nd September

Fledgling Fours

We run a transitioning programme for four year olds as part of the Albury School Curriculum. This programme has been designed to support children and their families when starting school.

Every second Wednesday from 11-12:15am.

Please note- the change of time!

Drop on in with your 4 year old, and join us for some reading, maths and art activities.

Dates for this term are:

Wednesday 1st September 11am

Wednesday 8th September - Fish and chip lunch with playgroup - all welcome

Wednesday 15th September - 11am

Wednesday 29th September - 11am

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

If you have any questions - feel free to email me

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Scholastic Book Club

The latest Scholastic Book Club Issue is out now!

To few it online go to

Race Tekapo

All Albury School Students and their immediate families can receive a 30% discount for the 5km and Kids Dash events!

(To access the discount put 'ALBURY' into the 'promo code' section at the checkout).

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Mackenzie Business Support Package - Free Webinar Offers


Date: Tuesday, 3rd August, 2021 Time: 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Part of the Mackenzie Business Support Package (MBSP)<> funded by Mackenzie District Council this webinar is complimentary to all Mackenzie businesses.

Learn processes, strategies, and tools to facilitate your business's future sales success.

Understand and reach your market.

Refine product, place and promotion to meet existing and new markets.

Holistic marketing, branding and reputation - why this is important.

Case Study - hear from a Mackenzie business.



Date: Wednesday, 11th August, 2021 Time: 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Part of the Mackenzie Business Support Package (MBSP) <> funded by Mackenzie District Council this webinar is complimentary to all Mackenzie businesses.

Understand the 10 steps to reach your business's full potential.

Gain clarity on where you can add value to your business.

Learn best practice and practical ways to take each step.

Succession planning and exit strategies.

Re set and pivoting and what this actually means for a business Leadership and workplace culture Case Study - hear from a Mackenzie business



Date: Wednesday, 18th August, 2021 Time: 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Part of the Mackenzie Business Support Package (MBSP) <> funded by Mackenzie District Council this webinar is complimentary to all Mackenzie businesses.

Cash is King - Budgeting and Cashflow Management

Planning and Forecasting

Relationships with Banks, Boards and Agencies

Key Steps in a Changing Environment

Case Study - hear from a Mackenzie business


Baby teeth matter

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Big picture

Tennis South Canterbury - FREE Beginner Sessions

Tennis South Canterbury is excited to let you know that they are once again running a 4 week programme of FREE beginner tennis coaching sessions starting on Sunday 5th September - sessions will run on consecutive Sundays through September and be small age based groups, held at the Trust Aoraki Tennis Centre here in Timaru.

These sessions are aimed at beginner players up to approx. 10 years who might like to start playing or further develop their tennis skills with a view to begin playing more regularly.

To register please see attached poster or to register online visit: - online registrations close on Tuesday 31st August, 2021.

Swimming Pool Season 2021/22

With our upgrade all completed we will be able to open the

pool (weather permitting) towards the end of Term 4.

We are committed to making this wonderful facility available

for our community over the summer period and weekends.

If you are interested in managing pool operations (during out of school hours)

please let Donna know. Many thanks.

Senior Camp 2021- Living Springs

The Board has approved the senior camp to Living Springs later in the year.

The dates booked are Wednesday 24th November to Friday 26th November. We will be attending the camp with St Joseph’s School, Fairlie. The approximate cost is $120.00. You can start payments for the camp at any stage through online banking into the school’s account:

ALBURY SCHOOL BOARD OF TRUSTEES – 123- 159 0137213-00.

Please put NAME/CAMP in the reference line.

Concerns and Complaints Process

School Policies

The following policies are being reviewed by the Board this term:

Protected Disclosures

Reporting to Parents on Student Progress and Achievement

Albury School Policies are located online at School Docs.

User name: albury

Password: queen