Tech It Out! 1/5/16

This Week: Discovery Ed PD, Google Classroom, GoFormative

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Lincoln Tech Updates

Interested in Discovery Education PD courses? They are worth 1 CPDU each. You can complete the courses on your own, or you can join your colleagues and me to complete them together! I will host the first session, "My DE," after school next week. We will choose a date based on the availability of those attending, either Tuesday 1/12, Wednesday 1/13, or Thursday 1/14.

If you are interested in attending the My DE session, please fill out this Doodle poll. You have until Thursday, January 7 to indicate your availability. I will email interested staff members the session date later this week!

Google It!

Whether you are already using Google Classroom or you're interested in trying it out, these Top 10 Google Classroom Posts of 2015 can help you out!

Alice Keeler is a Google guru, and one of her top 10 posts even offers 60 Ways Math Teachers Can Use Google Classroom!

Google Classroom is a great way to organize information in a digital or blended (sometimes digital, sometimes not) classroom. Post & collect assignments, hold group discussions, and more!

Online Assessments: GoFormative

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Looking for a new or different way to give online assessments? Try out!

Some of the features I love about Formative:

  • Easy to create, edit, duplicate, and even share assessments with other teachers
  • Can upload an already-created test and add digital questions
  • See student responses in REAL TIME!
  • Certain question types will auto grade, and you can even grade students' short answer questions as they go so you have immediate feedback.
  • Can hide student names if you want to grade responses anonymously.
  • And so much more!
About Formative
  • ALL learning is Twitter-worthy! Send me pictures or invite me in!
  • Have your students created projects we can showcase on the Commons TV? Send it my way!
  • Want to learn more about integrating technology in the classroom? Let's schedule a meeting!
  • Planning an upcoming lesson you'd like help with? I'm happy to co-plan and co-teach!