Iagos evil plan

By Zach Peart

Iago spills the beans

Iago and rodrigo go to barbantios house late night and tell him that his daughter desdemona is sleeping with a black man named othello. At first the man barbantio didn't believe them at all. But they told him to go check if she was in her room and she was not. Barbantio outraged gets people gathered together to go find them. The twisted part is that othello, iago, and rodrigo are all friends! But iago is angered at othello because he gave away a position as lieutenant to cassio. So iago is trying to get back at othello by ruining his love. Rodrigo did not like iagos plan because he didn't have hatred toward either of them. Because barbantio was going to find othello and warn him of barbantio coming for them. Rodrigo doesn't speak of iagos plan though because he too is unaware of iagos plan. After rodrigo warned othello of barbantio othello and desdemona left. Scared that their love would be separated. Barbantio finds them and tried to get them separated with the priest. But the priest said that he had no right separating them. He leaves the desicion up to desdemona. If she truly love othello she could stay or she can leave and come back to her fathers house. She obviously choose to stay with othello.

Truth behind iagos plan!

Finding the truth behind iagos plan. Iago has a thought out elaborate plan to take cassios job as lieutenant. He first as you might know tells barbantio of othellos love with desdemona. And tries to ruin it. But it does not work. He then makes up a new lie and story saying that desdemona is a whore and is sleeping with cassio. He tells many people and secretly puts a handkerchief in Emilia's room. Emilia is cassios wife and after she found it she gave it to cassio. After Iago knew Cassio had the hankercheif he then told Othello that Desdemona is sleeping with Cassio. At first he doesn't believe him but after he told him many other things including that he has Desdemonas hankercheif that othello bought for her. He hagan to believe his lie. The lie he told him angered Othello so much that he agreed to go kill desdemona and for cassio to be killed as well. Iago also tricked rodrigo into killing cassio! As Rodgrigo goes to stab Cassio he finds armor on him, and cassio was able to kill Rodgrigo. Without Cassio knowing Iago stabs Cassio and cuts his leg off. He leave the sene and acts like he doesn't know what has happend. Unfortunately Iago is caught when they found a letter telling iagos plan inside of Rodrigos pocket. Iago was stabbed by othello out of anger because he killed his own wife. Iago lived the stabbing but was sent to prison for his evil plans.

Fun questions!

Would you be mad and do what Iago did?

What person in the book are you most like?

How would you feel if you where in othellos shoes?