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OBOB Update

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Congratulations to Kat, Annie and Anushi

Congratulations to the 5th-grade OBOB team, "The Biblio-Maniacs," from Mr. Plunkett's class!

OBOB (Oregon Battle Of the Books)

They will be competing on Saturday, April 23rd, in the OBOB Regional Competition.

Everyone who participated put lots of time into their reading and should feel great about their accomplishment. Best of Luck!


Many thanks to the parents who have helped with this year's battles. I know they would love more help with Regionals (held on Zoom from 9 am-4 pm). It's also a great way to get a feel for the types of questions and the protocols for future competitions.

(Contact: - there is a "Helper training" tonight at 7 pm on Zoom).


Next year's titles are published and I have ordered a copy of each, feel free to get a jump on your reading for next year! (all grade levels included)


World Language Section

Wow! My goal of having the best "World Language" section in the district is quickly taking shape. Thank you to everyone who has donated and/or purchased books for this project. I love seeing the student's taking ownership of this, and I have witnessed what a welcome and comforting gift this can be for students who are arriving with minimal English backgrounds.



We have had some amazing volunteers back in the building - YAY! Thank you all so much!

I would absolutely love to have a parent from each class that could join us regularly. I am looking for someone who could help students find books, help keep students calm, perhaps do some read-alouds, and assist with checkouts. (You need to have done the background check).

Please email me if you are interested.


Thank you all for your support

I was absolutely overwhelmed by the gifts and cards on Nation Librarian's Day - thank you all so much - I am very lucky to work in this community!


Mrs. Frewing