The Dangers of Pressure and Stress.

And What You Can Do To Avoid It.

Pressure and Stress in School

We've all had that time where that kid at your school is gossiping about you, or gasping for air because of of finals or an overload of schoolwork. If your a parent, your kid could be suffering from this too. Pressure and Stress starts at a young age, maybe fifth grade. Kids at your school are bullying you, your teachers are giving you waaaay to much homework, leaving you almost no time to do the things you want to do. If you find this hard to believe, trust me it's all true. Doctors are noticing that children in elementary school are suffering from migraines and ulcers, because of the pressure and stress coming from school. Some students suicide, the suicide rates are going up in Palo Alto ( which had many highly competitive schools) because kids can't handle the pressure and stress from school. Some kids fall into a state of depression. Kids don't get enough sleep because of all the things needed to be done for school and they dont want to go to school anymore because of that bully.If you think your child is suffering from any of this, take action. Email the principal of the school or the teacher to tell them about how your child and many others are suffering. Spread the word. We need to encourage kids to thrive and be successful in a very different way. Cuz, clearly this way is not working.

Pressure and Stress at Home

Students already come home from a competitive environment which can be stressful and tiring. But when they come home parents push them to study, they enroll their kids in other academic classes, which might also give homework. I mean between school, and peer pressure, and homework, a kid needs some time to his or herself. Encourage your kid to take part in extracurriculars that they want to do. Make sure that they get enough sleep, and try to spend some time with your kid, asking about school or any problems he or she are having. Teenagers tend to be more independent at this age and pull away from parents, so make sure you have some one on one time with your kid. Don't give your child more pressure or stress than he or she already has.

Peer Pressure

Most kids out there want to fit in at school and be popular. Bullying and gossiping about people just to stay cool is not ok though. Studies have shown that cool kids, the ones who drink, or smoke and don't make important friendship, have a hard time in the future. If kids at your school are pressurizing you to drink or smoke, keep in mind that those are very dangerous and can lead to health problems. Don't fall into the trap. It's normal for kids to want to fit in and not be the one to be picked on, but don't ever do extreme and crazy things just to act cool. And for the parents out there, if you see this behavior in your child, find a way to stop it immediately. Talk to him or her and let him or her understand that what they are doing is wrong. Peer pressure can cause kids to lose relationships between friends and not want to come to school.