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Downgrading windows 8 to windows 7—Here’s Technical Help

When you think of downgrade of Windows 8 to Windows 7, you will have to follow two different tracks but there is a similarity between them. If you own a Windows 8 professional key, you can download it to Windows 7 without any cost but for this, you have to fulfill certain important needs. If you cannot do this, then you require an unused Windows 7 key for downgrading. As far as the general procedure is concerned, it is similar irrespective of the fact that you require an unused key or not.

There are some third party technicians available with skill and certifications, providing a real-time Professional Windows Support or downgrading and you can contact them by dialing the toll free number.

Preparation for the downgrade

You need to first examine the windows 8 version to check whether it gets through the downgrade rights or not. Downgrade rights are made for business and by using this, you can move to the Windows 7 for free. You have to fulfill few necessities if you want to make use of the downgrade rights. The first thing is your computer should carry the Windows 8 professional but it has to be installed out of box.

· You have to press Win and after that type winver in order to check the Windows version that you are operating. If you are not using the Windows 8 professional version, you are not eligible for the downgrade rights. Now, you can make use of the unused Windows 7 retail key for the purpose of downgrading.

· For the retail versions of Windows 8, you do not have the downgrade rights. If you install Windows 8 on PC previously operating in Windows or even a much older version, again you do not possess the downgrade rights. For this also, you can make use of the unused retail key for downgrading purpose.

Third party companies provides Windows 7 assistance regarding downgrade to Windows 7. For this, you can dial the Professional Microsoft Windows Support Phone Number for help and support on Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating systems.

Getting the genuine Windows 7 professional product key

If the key has to be unused, it depends on the downgrade rights.

· If you do not possess the downgrade rights, then you require a genuine Windows 7 product key that is not being used on any computer at present. If you first upgraded and now are downgrading back, you need to make use of the original Windows 7 key. If the computer you possess has Windows 8, then you can buy Windows 7 keys at cheaper cost from the online resellers.

· In case, you have the downgrade rights, then you require original Windows 7 professional product key. It is not necessary the key be yours and can be used at present by another machine. You are using the key just for the activation screen.

You can go for Professional Windows Customer Service from a recognized third party company that deals with Windows OS and its potential issues. Your any issue regarding the downgrade to Windows 7 will be dealt with perfection by expert technicians.

You should have the surety regarding availability of the Windows 7 drivers

If the computer has Windows 8 installed in it, then there will be the compatibility issue with Windows 7. For the entre hardware, you have to check drivers. This is to make sure that it is going to work as you go for the downgrade. It can be that the Windows 7 drivers are not available.

· In case, you are operating a prebuilt computer, you have to go to the support site of the manufacturer and search for the model of the computer.

· In case, you made your own computer or you possess a computer that is custom built, you have to search every piece of hardware in a manual manner.

Making the driver disc [an alternative]

For saving time after the downgrade, put all Windows 7 drivers on USB drive and after this part it aside till you are done.

Generating Windows 7 professional installation disc

For downgrading to Windows 7, you require this disc. It is not necessary that the disc be yours. It can be any Windows 7 professional installation disc. In case, you do not possess the disc, you can generate one by the help of free software from the Microsoft Corporation.

Backing up or the protection of all the crucial files

When you downgrade to Windows 7, it is like the installation of the new operating system. It can wash complete data on drive. Ensure the safe backing of the important files to USB drive or cloud before commencement of downgrade process. You can also visit to have a direct access to expert professionals who can help you perfectly and accurately in this way.

So, if you are fed up with the irritating issues of Windows 8 and want to downgrade the same to Windows 7, you should access a reliable independent technician who can provide you with an instant solution.

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