K5B Weekly Letter

Week 5: September 12-16


We discussed the importance of obedience and saw what happened when Cain refused to obey God by offering the wrong kind of sacrifice. We have begun to work on the character trait of Creative: doing something in a new way. Psalm 37:27 will be due on Monday, Sept. 23rd.


We have discussed dot patterns up to the number ten as well as how to write the numbers correctly. The children are doing well on these overall. If you notice a backward number on their papers, it would be great practice to have them write it correctly. It is perfectly normal at this stage to have numbers facing the wrong way.


We enjoyed discussing the mail system and how the mail today is much faster than when they used the pony express and steam engines. Some of the children shared stories of items they have received in the mail from either a family member or something that they had ordered. I hope that you got your special letter from your child that we mailed earlier this week.

Letter Recognition: H, W,w, E, e

Word Families: -en, -et (up to lesson 21)

Service word: the, my

Please be working on the service words as the children seem to be struggling


Looking forward to seeing the grandparents that will be able to stop in on Wed, Sept. 21st!

We will dismiss at noon on Wed, Sept. 24th. If your child will be leaving with their grandparent, please send in the note giving permission for them to go with them.

There will not be any reading folders going home next week because of the days off of school. These will resume on Monday, Sept. 26th.

K5B Open House

We will have our class open house on Wednesday, October 12th. I want to invite you to come drop by for a short visit to see how well your child is doing in K5. I hope you will be able to stop in for a bit. Thank you to Mrs. Seymour and Mrs. Thomsen for heading up the refreshments for this day. A sign up sheet will be going out in a week or so.

Mrs. Roxane Robinson