Rucker, Johnea Snow,Sophia-7th Hour

Wind Energy

Where is this resource found?

1.Wind can be found in the atmosphere.

How is this resource formed?

2.When the sun heats part of the earth differently then the other part, that is how wind is formed.

How is this resource used?

3.Wind turbines convert the the kinetic energy in wind into mechanical, and then that power converts into electricity.

What cool facts & statistics can you find?

  • A wind turbine has as many as 8000 parts!
  • Wind mills date back to 2000 BC!
  • One wind turbine can power up to 500 homes!

what is one alternative energy form you discovered?

Scientist are developing high-altitude wind turbines capable of harnessing stronger and more consistent winds,higher in the atmosphere.(see picture below)
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Energy 101: Wind Turbines