Legend. It look good on you.

Contact Info.

Megan Theis & Tina Martinez

Location: Dallas, Texas

Hours: Mon-Fri: 10-5 Sat-Sun: 12-6

Email: legends24@gmail.com

Phone: 1-800-553-0956

We are also ONLINE!- www.legnedscheerap.com

T-shirts (Customizable)

Be comfortable at practice with our new moisture lock t-shirt. Not only do we sell these with the "Legend" logo we also customize to your team. These shirts are also available in tank tops. We sell child and adult sizes up to 2XL. Our shirts allow easy movement to allow you to hit every motion. T-shirts start at $18. Prices vary depeneding on quantity. We do have special team packages.


Not only do we sell Small and Large bows we have them available in key chains. Just like our t-shirts we can customize them to your team. Small bows start at $10 and large bows start at $15. Key chains bows are $5 each or 2 for $8. We make these bows in every design imaginable.


We sell spandex in many different colors and designs. Next month we have mettallic spandex making thier debut for our company. Prices per spandex start at $12 but can vary depending on design. We also can make these team customizable to match the t-shirt and bow. Next month we will be having a sportbra and spandex duo special starting at $25.

Ultra Air Cheer Shoes

Whether your a high school or all star cheerleader the Utra Air shoes will meet your cheer need. These shoes only weigh 4 oz. They will let you jump higher and tumble lighter. We speciallity designed these to make stunting easier. They are available in youth and adult sizes. We hav special packages for teams. See our website for the team deals.
Our goal is provide all cheerleaders with all necessary items to win.