Religion & Literature

Section 1 - Religion

The Babylonians religion was the polytheistic faith up until they began to be influenced by Christianity when it was created.

List of Gods & Goddesses -

Shamash was the Sun God.

Ishtar was the Goddess of love & war.

Damkina was the Earth mother Goddess.

Anu was the sky God.

King Marduk was the King of the Gods.

Babylonian state religion involved many Gods, large cults, & big temples.

Individuals of the religion involved magic & sorcery.

The Sun God - Shamash

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Section 2 - Literature

The Babylonians developed writing from cuneiform symbols.

The Epic of Gilgamesh was a famous piece of Literature in Ancient Babylon.

There was also wisdom Literature, which is similar to books in the Bible, Job & Proverbs. Many of the pieces are dealing with the problems of evil and suffering.

Prophecy was very important as well.