Come to Pennsylvania!

Your New Home in a New World!

Originally settled by the British!

King Charles II sent William Penn to found Pennsylvania.

FUN FACT: The King sent William with the specific instructions to name the colony Pennsylvania. Sylvania meaning woodland together with Penn.

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Pennsylvania has mountains, coastal plains and even plateau areas. The soil is fertile, with mild climates making the area well suited for farming!

What Happened?

After William Penn died, Philadelphia became an important port and trading center. Proceeding this, the University of Pennsylvania was founded along with the Pennsylvania Abolition Society and other organizations founded by Benjamin Franklin. As Pennsylvania grew, Philadelphia was the largest city in British North America by the time the American Revolution came around.

Who? What? When? Where? Why? WHO?

Friends of Pennsylvania!

This Colony would not have been half of what it is without the help of Benjamin Franklin, who founded many important organizations, William Penn, who founded the colony, and King Charles II who directed the founding of the colony!