JSD Year 1 Newsletter

Week Ending Friday 17th January 2014

What have we done this week?


The children are learning about instructions. They thought about how to play a game in either PE or the playground and how to explain the game’s rules to other people who didn’t know how to play. They then verbally told their friends how to play the game thinking carefully about using the clearest vocabulary. Photographs were taken and drawings created of the children playing the game which they then labelled.

In phonics some children concentrated on initial letter sounds. Some children concentrated on the sounds ss and ll.

In handwriting the children revised the writing of their own name. They wrote their first name and surname taking care to use the correct formation and size of letters.


In numeracy the children were learning how to write the number names one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten. Some went beyond to twenty.

The children had a mental maths quiz with questions about doubling and halving numbers. Some questions also dealt with simple odd and even problems.


To tie in with our topic “We are TV chefs” the children made some 3D fruit in groups. They each wrote the name of each fruit onto the card.


Mr McNeil came to our ICT lesson to start off the children’s “We are TV chefs” topic. The children looked at a video of ‘Big Cook Little Cook’ and discussed what makes a good cookery video. They also thought about how a chef might be dressed and how they would conduct themselves whilst being filmed.


In topic the children started to identify countries around the world and to discuss food from different countries. Maybe this is something you could continue at home.

Extra Information

Two new starters this week. D1LS welcomed Mariya and D1LW welcomed Mohamed to their classroom.

On Friday 14th February the Year 1 children would like to invite their parents into school to sample some of the food they have been preparing this term. The children will send home invitations and ask for RSVPs nearer the time.

As mentioned in last week's newsletter, if there are any parents that would like to come into school to do a short, simple cooking demonstration for the children, please let us know.

If your child has not yet brought in a water bottle to keep in school from Monday to Thursday, please do so as soon as possible.

Please remember to label every item of your child’s school uniform and PE kit including outside clothing.

Many thanks.

The Year 1 Team