American Revolution

By Lucas O.

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Quebec Act

This was an act that was also passed by the British parliament. This provided effective governance of the Province of Quebec. It also changed the boundaries of Quebec.

The Boston Tea Party

I think that this picture is extremely significant because it show how brashly the colonists reacted to the taxing of the tea. It shows that they were greatly upset, and that they would act out. They wanted to show that they wouldn't be pushed over.


The Battle of Lexington and Concord (1775)

This battle was located in Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts, and the date was April 19, 1775. This was the first military engagement of the American Revolution. This was started because the British Army had secret orders to capture and destroy military supplies of the colonies. It was Lieutenant Colonel Francis Smith, and 700 British soldiers who had these orders, only Dr. Joseph Warren alerted the colonies. The colonies won this battle

The Battle of White Plains (1776)

This battle was fought in White Plains, New York, on October 28, 1776. The colonies were led by George Washington and the British were led by Sir William Howe. This was started after George began to retreat from Fort Washington, knowing the there were British massing behind his lines. Before this, there were daily skirmishes between them, until the battle was fought on White Plains. This battle is generally considered a draw.

The Battle of Princeton (1777)

This battle was fought in Princeton, New Jersey, on January 3rd, 1777. The Colonies were led by George Washington and John Cadwalader, and the British were led by William DeLaPlace and Charles Mawhood. On January 2nd, George evacuated from a British attack but then went to attack the British garrison at Princeton. There, the continental army were over run, and militia were sent forth. The militia fled, so Washington rode in with reinforcements, and the British fled. This battle was won by the colonies.

The Battle of brandywine (1777)

This battle was located in Brandywine Pennsylvania, and was on September 11, 1777. The British were led by George Washington, and William Maxwell, and the British were led by William Howe and General Knyphausen. This war was started because General Howe had his eye on Philadelphia, the new capital of the colonies. As the British marched in, Washington had felt confident. The colonies lost many men, but the British never made it to there goal. This battle was won by the British

The battle of german town (1777)

This battle was located in Germantown, Pennsylvania, and was on October 4th, 1777. The British were led by Charles Cornwallis, William and General Knyphausen and the colonies were led by George Washington and Nathanael Greene. After the British had captured the revolutionary capital, they had left around 3000 of their best soldiers to continue and guard it. George took this opportunity to attack before winter. But even with the element of surprise, this battle was won by the British.

The Battle of Monmouth (1778)

The British were led by Charles Cornwallis, and the colonies were led by George Washington and Charles Lee. Leading up to this battle, the British were moving all of their baggage, and preparing to attack. The colonies militia moved out around the rear of the British, and Clinton had thought they were after their baggage train, so decided to attack. He aimed for where he believed was the main column, and Charles Lee retreated. After, Washington rushed in to attack. This battle was considered a draw.

The Battle of kings mountain (1780)

This battle was on October 7th, 1780, in North Carolina. The British were led by Patrick Ferguson, and Cornwallis and the colonies were led by James Johnston, Jon Sevier, and William Campbell. This was started after Ferguson had threatened patriot leaders. He later heard of their plans to attack him, and began to withdraw, until finally taking a stand at Kings Mountain. This battle was won by the colonies.

the battle of cowpens (1781)

This battle was on January 27, 1781, and was located in Carolina. The British were led by Banastre Tarleton and the colonies were led by Daniel Morgan. This battle was fought because, as a part of the Carolinas campaign, 1100 British soldiers were sent against 1000 of Morgan's men. The night before this fight, Morgan had prepared his men by visiting them and telling them of his great plans. This battle was won by the colonies.

Activity 2.5 - Major Battle

The Battle of yorktown

I have chosen The Battle of Yorktown as my major battle because it was the final battle of the gruesome American Revolution. The Battle of Yorktown was located in Yorktown, New York, and this battle was fought on October 19th 1781. The colonies were led by George Washington and Comte de Rochambeua and Great Britain was led by Lord Charles Cornwallis. In this battle, the colonies were aided by the French, and their main reason was to weaken Britain for themselves. In total, the colonies and the French had a combined force of 20600, 72 were killed, and 180 were wounded. The British had a total force of 8980, 309 soldiers were killed, 326 were wounded, and 8007 soldiers were captured. In the end, Cornwallis surrendered, and this prompted the British government to negotiate an end to these battles. I think that this was the most important battle of the revolution because as a result, the Treaty of Paris 1783 was signed, the Declaration of Independence was signed, and the United States of America was born.


The Treaty of Paris 1783

The Treaty of Paris was signed by England and the Colonies in 1783. It had a large political effect on the world because a new nation was created, and it would soon become a world leader. The Treaty of Paris 1783 also showed that the mighty English army was, in fact vulnerable. The main result was that instead of thirteen individual British colonies, they became the thirteen strong, original, United States of America. The success of the colonies had inspired many other countries in the same situations to do the same. For America, the borders were increased, and Britain no longer controlled the land. This ended many other wars, and set the boundaries for Canada

The Declaration of Independence

When the Declaration of Independence was signed, it wasn't actually recognised by England until after the Revolutionary War. It was signed in 1776 and it was the colonies list of reasons that they were going to war. Afterwards, America became a role model for other countries in the same situations. It had some ideals that those other countries wanted. Some parts of the document stated that women should have equal rights, all races should have equal rights, and that all men were created equally. This document was signed on July 4th, 1776 and is considered the birthday of America


Activity 4 - Central Question

Personally, I believe that the American Revolution was justified for multiple reasons. I think that the initial causes were some of the most important justifications, including the fact that they were being heavily taxed, and they weren't given the right to vote for parliament. I also believe that the results of the American Revolution made it worth it, because in the end, the Americans got what they wanted, Independence, with the signing of Treaty of Paris 1783, and the signing of The Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence was a list of documents stating why the Americans thought that the war was necessary, and the British did not acknowledge these reasons. While in my mind, there were several justifications, I still think that the most important thing that made the war worth it, was that it inspired other countries though out the world to fight for their own rights, just like America

Activity 4.5 - lasting symbol of the american revolution

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I believe that the American Flag is the most important, and lasting symbol of the American Revolution. I believe this because, though it has changed though out the years, it still represents all of America. This symbol was also one of the first things that showed that America had united, and was its own country.