The Scarlet Ibis

By: Josie Cowley, Ysabella Ferruzzi, and Ashlyn Garcia

Literary Devices

Tone: the writers attitude towards his or her audience and subject.

Ex: "It was the clove of seasons, summer was dead." (pg. 1)

Explain: Hurst said summer was dead because it applied evenly to the mood he was having also with what had happened to him.

Imagery: A word or phrase that appeals to one or more of the 5 senses.

Ex: chart

Explain: This quote is imagery because it describes smell and sight, appealing to two of the five senses. With this description you can picture the moment.

Symbolism: Anything that stands for something else.

Ex: "I lay there crying, sheltering my fallen Scarlet Ibis..."

Explain: The narrator compares Doodle to the Ibis because of how he appears and how he acts.

How and Why Doodle Died

In the end of the story, Doodle died of a heart failiure. This happened because he was pushed too hard by Brother and had dug a grave for the fallen Scarlet Ibis.
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