The battle of Leningrad

(8 September 1941, 27 January 1944)

This battle only had particapents there was Germany and Russia’s military and its communities

-this was a huge turning point in this battle because Germany didnt get Russia
-the battle was held in Leningrad, Russia
-The battle was started for Germany to be able to take full control Russia.
-The defense of Leningrad took a area of 450 km and had about 517,000 men.
-The defense stopped the Germans but the battle lasted about 83 days.
-Germans would then block off all transportation threw railroads.

They had to take it very far to keep their homes

-they ate their dogs, cats, horses, and even ate wallpaper paste
-they setup a lot of blockades trying there best too keep what was theirs.
-But in the end they won the hard battle and got there homes back.
-lost140,739+ to all causes
-the German number isn't shown

Map of Army Group North's advance into the USSR in 1941.

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