How it affects you.

Copyright rules in education

You May:

  1. Copy a class set of an article, chapter, or short story
  2. Use 1 illustration from a book, or periodical
  3. Use 10% (or 3 minutes) of audio, literature or video
  4. Use multimedia projects for 2 years
  5. Use 30 seconds of music

You May NOT:

  1. Copy more than 2 items from the same author
  2. Copy instead of purchasing an item
  3. Record paid TV for use in the classroom
  4. Alter any commercial recording
  5. Use a recording for more than 45 days


  1. Fine of up to $1,000 per individual
  2. 1 year in Jail
  3. $50,000 in civil penalties
  4. The employing district can also be held liable

LEGAL use of materials

  1. Give credit to contributors (using above guidelines)
  2. Use & have students use Noodletools or other program to make a reference pages
  3. Contact the distributor or publisher for permission to use
  4. Purchase videos
  5. Use Discovery Education for video clips
  6. Use Copyright and/or royalty free pictures such as the US government site:

Does Copyright Expire?

Yes. When:

  • The author has been dead over 50 years.
  • It has been 100 years from creation or 75 from publication or distribution, which ever comes first.

What is Fair Use?

It must meet all of these criteria:

  1. Must be for non-profit or educational use
  2. Can not effect the potential value of the product
  3. Can not be more than 10% of the entire work.
  4. Can not be used more than 9 times
  5. Copying must be spontaneous (not enough time to receive permission)

History of copyright

When: First law in the US was 1790 and was amended in 1909 and 1976.

Why: To protect the interests of creators of information and media.


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