January Newsletter

Martin Elementary

Welcome Back!!

Second semester is always fast and furious with lots of fun activities!! Now is your time to adjust your teaching practices. What went well the first semester and what would you like to tweak or change? Really begin thinking about who needs additional tutoring and what concepts need to be covered during tutorials.

Second semester should be focused around spiraling concepts. Look for those extra 5 or 10 minutes that you can use to review and practice previously learned concepts. "If you don't use it, you will lose it!" Transition time, ticket out the door, class starters, tutoring/enrichment block, Daily 5 mini lesson rotations are all great opportunities to spiral concepts.

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Spiraling concepts allows students to learn and practice the process!

APP of the Month

Show Me!

ShowMe is an iPad app that allows students and teachers to create recorded tutorials that can be posted online to share with others. Create a lesson to show in class, use in a station or during tutorials, or even send the link home for a flipped lesson. ShowMe also has a variety of already created lessons for you to use in your classroom!

This app also allows students to have their own interactive whiteboard in front of them. You can ask questions and they can scribble the answer to show you. They can also annotate an image and add a spoken commentary to it.


ShowMe How It Works

Giving students choices...

Ms. Proctor has empowered her reading groups through the power of choice. Students are allowed to choose a novel to read during lit circle time and they are also allowed to choose and create their own project idea to showcase what they are reading and learning. Every student's project is different and unique. When we allow students to be creative and take charge of their learning the possibilities are endless. Great job Ms. Proctor!

Look for student reading projects outside Ms. Proctors room over the next few weeks. We can't wait to see what the students have created!!!

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