From Wood To Pencils

By: Abhinav Gaddai

Ready To Write

Hi! Are you writing in your notebook,or on a paper? Then get ready to write,because we're about to go on a pencil-tastic adventure!

Where It Came From

Do you know where it came from? Trees! I bet you already know that.A specific type of tree is cut down for pencils. They grow in California and Oregon. The trees are called cedar trees. The trees are very tall. The trees are cut down and put onto trucks. They are going to the sawmill. They are cut to the same size. It is called pencil stock. It is dried in a kiln. It is cut into slats.

Making Pencils

The pencils are now at the slat factory. The slat factory makes the pencils. They go under a cutting machine. Then a machine puts glue on the slats. Some slats go to another conveyer belt. Others stay on the same conveyer belt. the slats on the other conveyer belt get lead on them. Then the slat on the first conveyer belt is flipped and goes on top of the slat on the second conveyer belt. They go into a machine that presses with a full ton of power. There is a machine that makes the slats into pencils. Its upper cutter makes three sides on the top. Its lower cutter makes three sides on the bottom. Next they get painted. They are sharpened on a grinding drum.

To the Store

They are put in boxes to go to the store. Some are sharpened some are not. Which do you go to get pencils?


The pencils are ready to write. Have a great time writing! Also, take care of your pencils.
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