Space Trip


U Got The Banz $$$$$

To go to space u gotta have banzz . Its pretty cheep u know how much do u pay for to go to disneyland and ur still in land but if u got 10,000 u can go to where alot of ppl dont go. if u not scared of heights and fast speed traveling u good but if it gets canceled u dont get ur money back btw.

u good

U know in space theres no hospitals or anything just rocks but if u get sick ur done u know but other than that u good.Just try to not get sick cuz if u do we gonna have 200 deaths we trina keep it under 199 deaths.if u down to go go by ur own risk.ima tell u all the people we had on boared loved it

can u eat it

the food u get it class a meaning its the best u can get u know so ull be in space looking down on the world and eating good food if u look to ur write ull see what were serving and a cup of ice tea.if u dont like the food u are more than welcome to bring ur own food u know but bring sum to share.

sum pics of things on boared

ur goona love it

if u got any questions hmu at if u look right u can see a pic of me chilling with the crew in space so hmu if anything i neeed to answr

we have 10 member on board so u good in are hands

dont worry about nothing just chill eat and look at the world were much cant see it. just imagen it looking at the world from mile and mile away u can see shooting stars and rocks the moon and sun and best of all earth.

u gotta have

too live up here u goota pack food and clothes. the rest of the things we will provide it for u . u dont have to worry about nothing just know inare hands u better of .food u canot bring is mean fruit or anything that can expire because in space everything expires 2x faste just wanted to let u now

To Space