Panda Bears

Arianna Lindsey


Panda bears live in grass lands and in mountains. They also sleep in the mountains but in the day they look for food in the grass lands. If panda's don't get back in time it sleeps in the grass.

What panda's eat

Panda's eat bamboo and grass and meat. They would eat meat from humans or prey. Panda's also eat sicks.
China shows off 14 giant panda cubs

How many days a panda can be pregnant

It takes 2-3 days for a mother panda to be pregnant. If the mother panda dose'nt get pregnant that year they have to wait in'till next year. There are more female pandas in the world more than male pandas.

How panda's walk and sit

Panda's walk on 2 feet and they sit like a human but not crisscross applesauce. In some video's this person had a pet panda and he told him to sit down. A few seconds later it sat down.

2 facts about panda bears

1.Did you know that panda's climb trees for almost 4 hours.

2.Panda's walk at least 906 times a day or more.