A Christmas carol

Go see a Christmas carol

Why you should see a Christmas

Why would someone want to see a Christmas carol? Let me tell you why. Recently I saw the play a Christmas carol it was one of my favorite plays ever, it was my favorite because every time they needed to switch the set they did it perfect and so fast as a example when they were switching the set and people were leaving the stage they would quickly run and pick something up and take it off the stage. Also when the ghost of Jacob Marley came out of nowhere it made massive noise as a example the ghost of Jacob Marley came out of the floor and right when he came out it was like a big scream and smoke machine going bananas it was crazy. And in addition my favorite was how they were flying the ghost would come in on a zip line and the ghost came down on a string through the roof of Scrooges house I just thought it was insane. Give it a try go and see the movie or play or even read the book of a Christmas carol.