Galloping Gazette

A newsletter for the Faculty and Staff - Week 4/22 - 4/26

Put Students First • Seek Growth • Be Open to Change . Do Great Work Together • Value Differences

Principal's Message for the week:

Welcome back! I hope that your spring break was filled with long days of beautiful weather, laughter between friends and family, some cold beverages, and relaxation. I can't wait to see all of you tomorrow ready to hit the ground running with JOY and high energy to finish our year on a high note. This video came out just before we left for break and I thought it would be great inspiration and a reminder of the impact that you make on every student as well as Patti and myself. May this video serve you a dose of encouragement as you all work so hard, day-in and day-out, to serve the whole child. You are taking and making time to encourage life long learners not those students who can pass a test. Know that we are investing in our future. Who we become is more impactful than what we become. Grab your tissues!


Shout Outs

Congratulations to Jill Teetor for being nominated for School Nurse of the Year for VA Beach! Great Job Nurse Jill!

Thank you to Ms. Porter for your help and support, especially this week! - Olivia F.

Shout out to Mr. Davis for reassuring me every day throughout March Madness that UVA would make it! - Olivia F.

Shout out to Marissa W. For giving me Velcro for my wardrobe malfunction this week. Thank you! - Frances

Thank you Miriam for organizing an awesome field trip and making sure the weather was perfect! - Michelene

Third grade SPED team, you rock! Way to turn a stressful meeting into a successful meeting for one of our students! - Michelene

Wende, thank you for prepping our globes! - Danielle

Marissa, you are amazing! Xoxo. - Danielle

Shout out to Karen Ratner for helping out with the breakfast cart. - Colleen, Debbie and Barb

If you have any shoutouts, please send them to Ms. Backer and Mrs. Jacobs by Thursday.

Schedule for upcoming weeks

Apr. 22nd - Apr. 26th

Remember - this week starts PLCs will be only 45 mins from 2:15 - 3:00. Grades 3 -5 should bring their post-tests and notes from that week's roadmap.

Monday, April 22nd

· Earth Day (Help us beautify the front garden after school!)

· 7:00a - 8:00a SOL Reading Club

· 2nd Grade PLC

· 2:40p - 4:00p SCA Meeting (Cafeteria)

· 2:40p - 4:00p Newspaper Club

· 2:40p - 4:20p Girls on the Run (Rm 7)

Tuesday, April 23rd

· 9:00a - 10:30a Kindergarten Registration

· 9:00a - 1:00p VA Beach Aquarium Program Kindergarten (Rm 7)

· 3rd Grade PLC

· 3:00p - 4:00p Faculty PBIS Meeting (Library)

Wednesday, April 24th - Secretary's Day!

· 7:00a - 8:00a SOL Reading Club


· 9:00a - 1:00p VA Beach Aquarium Program Kindergarten (Innovation Lab)

· 9:00a - 2:00p 5th Grade Plant Presentations (Rm 7)

· 1st Grade PLC

· 2:40p - 4:20p Girls on the Run (Rm 7)

· 6:00p - 7:00p Ms. Love's Parent Reading Night (Rm 17)

Thursday, April 25th - Take Your Child to Work Day

· 5th Grade PLC

· 2:40p - 4:00p Stem Club Meetings (Rm 34/ Computer Lab/ Rm 38 Art Room)

· 3:00p - 4:00p PTA Meeting

· 5:00p - 7:30p Papa Johns Delivery Night

Friday, April 26th

· 4th Grade PLC

· 8:30 - 2:30 Master Gardeners Program (1st Grade) (Rm 7)


Apr. 29th - May 3rd

Remember - this week starts PLCs will be only 45 mins from 2:15 - 3:00. Grades 3 -5 should bring their post-tests and notes from that week's roadmap.

Monday, April 29th

· 7:00a - 8:00a SOL Reading Club

· 2nd Grade PLC

· 2:40p - 4:20p Girls on the Run (Rm 7)

Tuesday, April 30th

· Lifetouch Kindergarten Graduation Pictures

· 3rd Grade PLC

· 3:00p - 4:00p PAC Meeting (Library)

Wednesday, May 1st

· Lifetouch 5th Grade Graduation Pictures

· 7:00a - 8:00a SOL Reading Club


· 1st Grade PLC

· 2:40p - 4:20p Girls on the Run (Rm 7)

Thursday, May 2nd

· 5th Grade PLC

· 2:40p - 4:00p Stem Club Meetings (Rm 34/ Computer Lab/ Rm 38 Art Room)

Friday, May 3rd

· Field Day!!

· 4th Grade PLC

New Procedure for Color Copying

As everyone knows, we have been monitoring our printing as our bills have been sky high this year. In the past, I have shared with you the numbers of copies and the costs of printing in black and white ($0.01) vs. color ($0.10). The past two months we have had over $500.00 in printing bills with $300.00 of it in color printing. We can not track color printing by employee like the black and white printing, rather we can only track it by printer.

Therefore, starting tomorrow, Monday - April 22nd there will be a new procedure for printing in color. If you want to print in color, please email Ms. Backer with the file, the number of copies, and what the color copy is being used for. There will be no emergency color printing as all requests will require 48 hours for approval. At the end of the month, this procedure will be reevaluated and discussed at PAC.We want to support a bright and vibrate instructional environment, but want to ensure that we are using our money in the best way possible.

PBIS: Be Ready, Be Responsible and Be Respectful

Teachers and staff did an outstanding job "catching students" Being Responsible" this week. You did such a great job that the following people have a token in their mailbox:

When we return, we are going to "Catch" students Being Respectful!

Dismissal Notes

Teachers, before sending your classroom messenger to the office with dismissal notes, please make sure the notes include the child's full name and the teacher name. This will make the dismissal change process run more smoothly for Mrs. Fantano.

Building Entry

In the mornings, all staff must use your badge when entering the building. If for some reason your badge is not working please make an appointment through Frontline to fix any issues you may have. We thank you for your cooperation.

Consider attending this POWERFUL PD

Knowing Our Students and the Power of our Language

Session Code: PROF

Program: Division License Renewal or Allowance

Location: Red Mill Elementary School

Dates: 4/30/2019

How is a Kindergartner different than a 4th grader? How can teachers adjust their professional use of words, tone, and pace to enable students to engage in active and interactive learning? Join us for an interactive session in which we will examine strategies through the lens of students' developmental needs. Particular attention will be given to teacher language - modeling respectful and caring social interactions that build students up and encourages and supports their learning. This session is meant to support Responsive Classroom practices and participants will have an opportunity to check out resource books from the Office of Professional Growth & Innovation at the workshop.

Don't forget about trying out our Colt Tracker!

This link will, also, be in our handbook along with our flowchart!


4/3 - Patti Csenar

4/3 - Megan Jones

4/4 - Joyce Goldstein

4/10 - Susan Cucuzza

4/12 - Brenda Aston

4/22 - Rachelle Burkhead

Don't forget about an opportunity to bring some $$$ into CFES classrooms!

For the 2019 – 2020 school year, $150,000 will be awarded to Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS) in Virginia Beach Education Foundation grants. VBCPS staff members are encouraged to apply for these grants if they have ideas for innovative projects they wish to implement to engage students in hands-on learning activities not already funded by the school division.

The Innovative Learning Grant (up to $2,000) and Schoolwide Grant ($2,001 to $5,000) applications are available on under Hot Topics—Education Foundation.


➢ Educators and staff who work directly with Virginia Beach City Public School students can apply.

➢ Your principal and bookkeeper are required to sign that they approve of your project.

➢ A Technology Dept. or Technology Support Technician must sign that they approve the use of any equipment listed on the budget page of this application.

What: Grants awarded are for requests for funding up to $5,000.


➢ Email application to by the deadline; 4:00 p.m. Friday, May 10, 2019.

➢ Principals will be notified if the program has been approved for funding.

➢ Funds for the approved projects will be dispersed in July 2019 to school bookkeepers.

See the attachments for more info.

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