Romeo and Juliet

Act-1 Scene-3

Summary of the scene

Lady Capulet calls Juliet to talk about marriage, but before the conversation of marriage starts the moms knowledge of her own daughter is tested by the nurser of Juliet. The mother starts of the conversation with not knowing the age of the daughter, and the nurse (not intentionally) ashamed the mother by knowing the age and more of Juliet. Lady.Lady Capulet is a foil toward the nurse making the nurse look really good because the nurse knows more than the mother about Juliet. The conversation continues and Juliet puts her input on marriage and says that she doesn't wish for marriage while the nurse and Capulet want her to marry, and its up to Juliet to decide what to do.


Elton John - Rocket Man (HQ)

Why I Chose The Song

Yes i actually know this song i didn't just find it for the assignment. This song to me gives a feel of isolation, loneliness, being different. I chose it because it applied to Juliet not really wanting to be or get married not wanting to be with anyone, but her mother and the nurse wanting her to get married, but that's not what she wishes, "i'm not the man they think i am at home".