November 16, 2021

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From the Principals

Dear RES Community:

Today is our first of four conference days. Dismissal is earlier than usual because JRMS will also host conferences over the next 4 days. Gr. K - 4 students will be dismissed at 12:30pm, which is 20 minutes EARLIER than usual. PreS/PreK will dismiss at their regular time of 12:15pm.

Please be sure to check lost and found. It is definitely getting much busier as the weather gets cooler. Items not claimed WILL BE donated, as we don't have the space to keep these items in our vestibule.

Fall 2022 Kindergarten registration will be happening in early December. You will find the Fall K Registration Packet on our website at www.reddingelementaryps.org by the end of this week. Please tell your friends and neighbors that have young children about our upcoming registration and to check our website.

Enjoy a wonderful week -

Sharon Weirsman, Interim Principal

Joe Amodio, Assistant Principal


My apologies, the broadcast I sent yesterday did not mention FRIDAY as an early dismissal day. Early dismissals for conferences are Tuesday thru Friday this week. Grades K - 4 will dismiss at 12:30p, and PreS/PreK will dismiss at 12:15pm.

Thank you - Bobbie

Mark Your Calendar

Tuesday - Friday, November 16 - 19: Early Dismissal Gr. K - 4 at 12:30pm (Please note THE TIME!!!) Conference Days. PreS dismissal at 12:15pm

Wednesday, November 24 - Early Dismissal Gr. K - 4 at 12:50pm / PreS dismissal at 12:15pm

Thursday - Friday, November 25 - 26 - School Closed - Thanksgiving Recess

Picture Re-take Day: Thursday, December 2

Wednesday, December 8 - Fall 2022 Kindergarten Registration.

Registration packets for incoming K students for Fall 2022 will be available on our website later this week. All information you need about the registration process is in that packet.

Click the link to access the 2021-2022 School Year Calendar


Health Office Update:

Below is information from the Tri-District nurse coordinator to help us all navigate the cold and flu season that is upon us. Please remember to report absences with a reason in school dismissal manager and reach out to the school nurse with questions or concerns at jconnolly@er9.org or 203-938-2519 ext. 309.

Both COVID-19 and flu can have similar signs and symptoms, including:

  • Fever or feeling feverish/having chills

  • Cough

  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

  • Fatigue

  • Sore throat

  • Runny or stuffy nose

  • Muscle pain or body aches

  • Headache

  • Vomiting and diarrhea

  • Change in or loss of taste or smell, although this is more frequent with COVID-19.

Because of this, the difference between a bad cold, strep throat, the flu, and COVID-19 can be difficult to discern. Consequently, students who present to the school nurse with key symptoms of COVID-19 or a combination of COVID-19 symptoms will be sent home. Parents should consult with their child’s healthcare provider. Testing is recommended to tell what the illness is and to confirm a diagnosis.

Please read the following information about when your child may return to school:

Additional information regarding school attendance and what to do when exposed to COVID-19 can be found on the ER9 website: ER9 COVID-19 Dashboard.

SYMPTOMS OF COVID-19 (regardless of vaccination status)


Consult with healthcare provider. Get tested. Submit test result to school nurse.

If negative

  • May return to school once 24 hours have passed with no fever (without the use of fever-reducing medications) and with improvement in other symptoms.

If positive

  • Isolate for 10 full days since the onset of symptoms and until at least 24 hours have passed with no fever (without fever reducing medications) and with improvement in other symptoms. May return on Day 11.

If not tested

  • Isolate for 10 full days since the onset of symptoms and until at least 24 hours have passed with no fever (without fever reducing medications) and with improvement in other symptoms. May return on Day 11. May return earlier if healthcare provider gives written documentation with a specific, confirmed alternate diagnosis.

Please note, if your child is home ill for any reason for 3 or more days in a row, a note from their healthcare provider should be submitted to the school nurse before returning to school.


YES, WE NEED YOU!!! We can never have too many subs!!

Subs are desperately needed to help out in classrooms, at recess and in our café. If you or someone you know has some time to sub at RES and work with our youngest friends and future leaders of the world - please go to the ER9.org website and complete the application in Applitrack located under the HUMAN RESOURCES tab.

Thank you so much for considering this request. We truly appreciate it.


PreSchool Applications

Attention Redding Residents:

Partners in Education Preschool Program

(Located at Redding Elementary School)

We are currently accepting applications

through Monday, January 10, 2022

for our 2022-2023 Preschool Programs.

Applications are now available through the RES Website, under the school resources link.

You may email the form back to mcaruso@er9.org

or mail back to:

Redding Elementary School

33 Lonetown Road

Redding, CT 06896

Attention: Marilyn Caruso

If you need additional information, please call 203-938-9026


OH MY GOODNESS. The amount of clothing as tripled in our vestibule. We do look for names to find their owner, but we have an abundance with no identification.

The most collected clothing item is still sweatshirts in all colors and sizes. We also have a multitude of water bottles. Many of these items are left out at recess and some from weekend activities like soccer.

Please stop by and check out the inventory. Those items will be donated in the NEAR future, as we don't have the ability to store all the clothing we are collecting, especially as the weather gets colder out.

Thank you - Bobbie


THIS WEEK: Come out and see Joel Barlow High School students performance Disney's, Beauty & the Beast. This performance is directed and choreographed by our own Matt Farina. This is his JBHS directorial debut, however, he has many, many years of experience working with stage performances and theaters around the area. Including: Immaculate High School, Richter Park and Warner Theater. The latter where Mr. Farina performed in Beauty and the Beast. It was SPECTACULAR!!!

Come out and see our Barlow stars shine in this performance.


With cooler temperatures in the morning, please be sure your child has layers of warmer clothing as students will be outside for gym and recess. Some of those classes start very early in the morning, when temperatures are still very chilly.

We encourage you to be sure your child's name is also on all clothing, as we have an abundance of sweatshirts in our LOST & FOUND. Clothing with names on them have a better chance of finding their way back to your child.

Remember to check our lost and found in the vestibule. It is growing by leaps and bounds!!

Thank you.


Dismissals for parent pick-up is by our CAR TAG system. Families who were here last school year should have retained their car tags to be used while their child is at RES. New families were issued car tags that you should keep until your child enters JRMS in Gr. 5.

There are 3 backpack tags that can be used for siblings either now, or later as your family grows. IF you lose one or do not have enough, please consider making copy of that tag to match your car tag number and affix to your child's backpack.

Information regarding our dismissal procedure is available in our summer mailing located on our website at www.reddinglementaryps.org Please refer to our handbook.

Thank you -

Important Reminders


Please do not park in Fire Lanes. They should remain open for emergency vehicles at all times.

Arrival & Dismissal

Parents/Guardians who are dropping off students in the morning, or picking up students in the afternoon are asked to remain in their vehicles during this process. We will have staff on hand ready to support during these transition times. If you are dropping off your child in the morning please be sure their mask is on and backpack is ready BEFORE you pull up to the drop off location, so that we can quickly and safely transition kids out of vehicles and into the building.

IF your child needs extra help getting in / out of your vehicle, please park your car in an available parking space to assist your child, and please walk them to the curb. This will help move our car line along more swiftly.

RES Visitors

Due to the current health and safety precautions in place, we are limiting visitors in our building to essential business only. If you need to come to the school to pick up your child, please be sure you have a government issued ID on you for entry each and every time. Even if we recognize you, we will ask for your ID. This is our policy.

Traffic Safety

Please be reminded to follow all traffic rules while driving in our parking lots and around RES, including stopping at stop signs and adhering to the speed limit. Cars may not travel into the bus loop during arrival and dismissal.

School Dismissal Manager

If there are changes to your child's dismissal plans, remember to log in to School Dismissal Manager to update with the new plans before 1:30pm or 11:30am on an early dismissal. A reminder that 'bus' is the default for all students. Distribution of a student pick up number tag, or the data from the summer survey does not automatically inform us that your child is a pick up. RES relies on our daily SDM report as to what your child is doing at the end of the school day.


Please be mindful that there are students being dropped off for classes other than just PreSchool at the far side of the building. There are attempts to make 3 point turns in the middle of the driveway. This is causing vehicles to back into the vestibule entry location, which is VERY dangerous with the students and staff entering that doorway. THANK YOU.


Office hours for Special Services is 7:30am - 3:00pm during the regular school year.


Ms. Jennifer Del Conte, Director, Special Services


Ms. Michelle King, Administrative Assistant to Director of Special Services

mking@er9.org Ext. 313

Mrs. Jennifer Hankla, Supervisor, Special Services


Mrs. Marilyn Caruso, Secretary, Special Services

mcaruso@er9.org Ext. 312

Office hours for the main office is 7:30am - 3:45pm during the normal 10-month / 180 day school year.


Miss Bobbie Granskog, School Secretary

bgranskog@er9.org Ext. 304

Budgets, Payroll & Tuesday’s Newsday

Mrs. Komal Kulkarni, School Secretary

kkulkarni@er9.org Ext. 302

Registrar & Enrollment

Mrs. Rachel Saluzzi, School Secretary

rsaluzzi@er9.org Ext. 301

Assistant to School Principals

School Dismissal Manager & Subs


Nurse Connolly — Ext. 309

Library— Ext. 343

Kitchen — Ext. 346

You will find a complete list of telephone extensions and email addresses for our staff on our website www.reddingelementaryps.org

Tuesday's Newsday Material Deadline for NEXT WEEK is

Friday, November 19 by 10:00 a.m. Please send to Bobbie Granskog at bgranskog@er9.org.

Thank you.



Please check out what is happening at Redding's Park & Recreation Department.

You can reach them directly at (203) 938-2551.


Please see the attached flyer about getting your child into a Daisy Troop. What a great activity to learn and be with other children your own age. "BE PREAPRED!"