Change Wars

Let's Do This For Haiti!

The Battle is ON at Aquin High School!

Change Wars begin TODAY!

Grades 7-12 were challenged to see whose class can help our 'Hope for Haitians' project the most by donating their change at lunch.

And, the coveted prize in any true student battle is of course . . . JEAN DAYS!

(Now, we all know that the true purpose of the Change War

is the satisfaction of helping change the lives of the poor in Haiti--but

having fun while helping makes it even better.)

The Goals

Aquin and St. Thomas are collaborating on this project with the goal

of buying livestock and building homes.

(100% of the donations go to Haiti. 'Hope for Haitians' have no one on staff who is paid.)

Beginning Date: Monday, April 1

End Date: Wednesday, April 17 at 3:04pm

If you have any spare change please send it with your child so they can donate it toward their class total. If you don't have a student in grades 7-12, please designate which group you would like your donation to be credited to and we'll take it from there. Donations may be made at either Aquin Campus.

Thank you in advance for your support!

The Incentives

The class with the largest donation total will win bragging rights and

--if they bring in more than $700--

they will get a late start, donuts, coffee/chocolate milk!!

And, for each level reached, the respective class will earn:

$150 = 1 Jean Day

$300 = 2 Jean Days

$500 = 3 Jean Days

Listen to those who have brought 'Hope to Haitians' from NW Illinois!

Hope for Haitians Interviews
Big picture