Men and Women Speed Skating 1000m

Winter Olympics

Ice Running

While not one of the oldest events speed skating still has some of the deepest roots. It goes all the way to the 16th century. Many of the fans say it is one the most difficult winter events because you have to stay upright while traveling on a smooth slippery surface.

They don't mix

In all the speed skating events the men and women are not allowed to race one another. Though using data analyzed from previous Olympics what the results of such a match up.

What we hope to accomplish

The following information will help us see when men will outperform women or vice versa. using linear regression we will be able to tell in what year of the Olympic winter games that this will happen.

Scatter Plot

The pluses represent the female gold medalists and the squares represent the male gold medalists.

Linear Regression

These are the two equations for each of the the gold medalists.The first equation is the one for female competitors and the second equation is for the male competitors.


The intersection point between two lines can reveal a lot of information.Notice how both the lines are going down. This means that the times are deceasing and the competitors are getting faster every year. Even though both of the lines are going down they are not decreasing at the same rate. men are currently out performing women and will forever outperform them because they will reach the peak before women at which they can't get any better and women will still be behind them.

The X Coordinate

The X coordinate is used to represent the year of the when men will outperform women or vice versa. the year of my X coordinate occurs in the year 2659 which isn't a year that the winter Olympics occur in. So concur that in the year 2662 which is a year for the winter Olympics that women will outperform men.

The Y Coordinate

The Y coordinate represents the time it takes them to skate the thousand meters. The time it took my skaters to out perform the men was -133 seconds or -2.21 minutes. Going by the negative you can already tell that they are going so fast that the timer is actually lagging behind them. Though it is impossible to get such a time this would be the time they would need to beat the men.