Taxas, Binomial Nomenclature, & Origin of Life


Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species. An easy way to remember this is... Kings Play Chess On Flat Green Stools. Kingdoms being most broad and Species being most specific. These were made to organize all of many animals in the world.

Binomial Nomenclature

Linnaeus came up with the idea of binomial nomenclature. When you write the binomial nomenclature of an animal, you have to do a couple of things...

1. You have to underline or italicize the name.

2. You have to capitalize the Genus.

3. You have to leave the species in lowercase.

The Origin of Life

Spontaneous Generation

Francesco Redi came up with this idea. He believed that life came from nonliving material.


Louis Pasteur disproved Francesco Redi's Spontaneous Generation theory and came up with the Biogenesis theory. His theory was that life could only come from other living organisms.

Primodial Soup Theory

Alexander Oparin thought that life came from the ocean by chance. His theory was tested by Miller and Urey.

The First Cell

* Heterotrophic

* Prokaryotic

* Anaerobic

After the first cell had happened, the photosynthetic cell appeared, then the eukaryotic cell.

Brenna Mobley