Toohey Talk

What's Happening this Week in Fourth Grade

February Friends

Today was the first day of February Friends and all the students were excited to get their bookmarks and poems. It's always fun when everyone remembers to bring their daily surprises so, here's a reminder for the rest of the week:

Wednesday - Snack

Thursday - Small Gift

Friday - A Decorated Valentine Box/Bag and Lunch

Mission Reports, Projects, and Presentations

We are almost finished presenting the mission projects. I will be grading the reports and projects as soon as they are all presented. The students have been doing a fabulous job and I am so impressed with the projects they created to share with their classmates. It will take me a while to get final grades out as this assignment does count for four separate grades:

  • Writing - Informational Writing (report)
  • Social Studies - Project
  • Listening & Speaking - Oral Presentations
  • Language - Grammar and Mechanics

So, when I get this all graded I will send home the grading sheets. Thanks for your patience. I know it took you all a long time to complete the assignments so I don't want to rush through the grading process.

Mrs. Toohey

Progress Reports

Progress reports were scheduled to go home last Friday and I did not send them home. I wanted to get a few more grades uploaded to my grading program and I was hoping to finish all the mission presentations before I sent those home. So, on that note . . . they will be coming home in this week's Friday Folders. We are required to send them home for any student that is receiving a 1 or 2 in any curricular area. If you don't get a report it is because your child is doing well in that subject area.