What will Canada look like in 2060?


In this flyer i will talk a little about what Canada will look like in 2060. like the current immigration, demographic and first nations situation is now and what will change. Also the birth, death rate and the natural increase rate will be in 2060, how immigration will look like in 2060. I will also talk about the first nations and what will change in the future.


The current immigration rate in Canada is 260,000 a year and the population is 35 million. in 2060 the population will be about 52.6 million and the immigration rate will be 406,700 a year.

  • push factors in 2015 will be way different in 2060 like less job opportunities because there's already so much people, higher taxes for health care because there will be more seniors in 2060, the bigger the population the less resources the next generation will have,

  • pull factors in Canada 2060 will include better health care, newest technology, futuristic living standers, immigration rate will be higher so more refugees, an ageing population

  • Most of our population will come from south east Asia

I feel like Canada will be quite over populated with 52.6 million people and since most of the population will be old folk because in 2060 the birth rate will go down. Canada will actually be a good place for old people to settle if they have money. They need the health care and would probably want to do something with all that money for retirement. So they go off in retirement homes and more job opportunities for us AWSOME!



> birth rate: 10.28 births/1000 population
> death rate: 8.42 deaths/ 1000 population
> natural increase rate: 0.75%

> birth rate: 9.8 births/1000 population
> death rate: 11.64 deaths/1000 population

> natural increase rate: 0.139%

In 2060 there will be high death rates and low birth rates, yes there still we baby boomers but a really small period of time. which will consist of the population to be quite old I would say, not that it's a bad thing, ok it kinda is because we have to pay more tax for health care because of the old people and that's not fun.

-First nations-

First nations today are pretty poor and don't have much resources. they eat what the grow and they wear what they kill they live on reserves and are very cultural with there beliefs. First nations don't have planes to fly or cars to trave they are very simple you can say. Most First Nations aren't really that educated only until college but if we try we can change that.

in the future hence 2060 they will start to develop in the video right below i feel like it gives a good example of how this first nation community will look like in the future and how they will be different.

Better education, more striving community's, higher life expectancies (since they changed into better living standards) and hopefully change the way we think about them in the future.

Roseau River Anishinaabe First Nation - Into The Future

-Canada in 2060?-

My thoughts on Canada 2060 and how it will be. Let me tell you it'll be pretty sick to have that much technology, amazing health care and futuristic things. I fell like retirement homes will be much nicer and be everywhere since we'll need them in that time period so that'll be cool when I'm old and rusty.

Today old people sit home and do nothing just play cards or hoard cats In there home (poor cats) but my prediction in the future is that we (yes I'll be 70 on day) will look 70 but have hearts like 40 year olds with some of that new and improved medication or some next red bull, not determined yet. life will still be fun and exiting, more activities to do and have a good time in our elderly age.

Therefore I'm pumped about getting old and experiencing this new furturistic world.


So yes Canada will look awesome in the future (duhhhh) I talked about birth and death rate, the present and furture, First Nations, discussed immigration, and shared my thoughts on Canada 2060 and how it will look and fell in the future and talked about demographics. In conclusion I'm pretty exited to be 60 years old (probably gonna regret saying that In the future) overall this project was good to learn and research all this stuff for the furture which hopefully I will experience and what I said will be the same (hopefully).



the only way Canada can reach this point in 2060 is with science and technology

  • science is a really big part in the development making new and improved medicines, agriculture and climate change

but lets jump into reality for a second, i talked about how Canada will ''look'' like in 2060 but what about ''how '' it got there. its really something to think about in the U.K investment in public funded research has dropped to less then 0.5% of the GDP the lowest it has ever been in 2 decades. this year the U.S has cut 3 million dollars in NASAS earth science budget which also includes climate science this means that existing climate studies will be ignored and useful data wont even be collected in the future. If we don't start from today then how are we going to reach the point everyone is saying in the next few years forget about 2060. they cut something that predicts the future of this world this effects the future of Canada in many ways such as health and environment.As we say -''we live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology ''-Carl sagan