Room 603 Update

A Class of Leaders // September 21, 2015

Last Week Review

Student Council

As many of you know, we elected our student council reps for this semester on Friday. We had MANY wonderful speeches and presentations. I was absolutely blown away by how much thought and preparation went into them. Each student should be very proud for taking the risk of running. After a very close vote, our representative is going to be Ella Tackett and our alternate is Noah Raymundo. They are going to do a fabulous job these next few months!

Make it Complete

Our language focus was on complete sentences, which are made of subjects and predicates. We played games and had some fun while making sure we know how to make our language complete.

Place Value

To start our discussion of place value, students used base 10 blocks to create a structure. Then they needed to figure out a strategy to determine what it was "worth". This led into the discussion of numbers, how place value affects numbers, and how numbers are flexible.

We will be discussing place value, flexible numbers (ex. 200+30+5 is the same as 100 +120+15), and rounding this week.

We're on a Roll!

This was the first week of science lab and we also had a fun STEM activity on Friday! We learned about energy and how it comes from different sources. To test this out we made rolling "cars" to determine how much potential/kinetic energy we needed to get our rollers to a specific place. The students did a great job!


Picture Day!

Picture day is coming up on MONDAY, September 28.

Book Orders

Our first book order was sent out last week. Any child who would like to buy a book through our classroom is more than welcome to, although it is completely optional.

If you would like to order online, just go to and enter the code H8PQT.

The order will be sent in on Friday, so if you have already placed an order, your child should receive it next week.

This Week At a Glance:

What we're studying:

  • Language Arts - Review Character Analysis and Complete Sentences
  • Math - Unit 1: Place Value and Rounding
  • Writing - Opinion writing
  • Science - Energy and Matter
  • Other - The 7 Habits: Begin with the End in Mind

What We're Doing:

  • PE Monday/Thursday - No Wednesday PE
  • Library
  • Flag Salute Friday

Thank you!

- Miss Roy