Better study habits

How to study for a test or quiz

How to study/How do you study best?

Every week make a weekly calender for what your going to study and for how long. If you work better in a group then try to get together with some friends and have a study group before every test or quiz. If you do get together with some friends then bring your flash cards and pass them around and quiz each other on them.

Need to remember something? What is a better way to remember something?

If you need to remember a vocab question/word then get a glossary and rewrite the definition. There is a better way to remember something by rewriting your notes over and over again, or you can make flash cards to study.

How long should you study for and where is good place to study?

You should study for at least 20-50 minutes each day. If you have a loud sister or brother then get away from them so they don't distract you, and you shouldn't sit in front of a television because they tend to distract you and drain all the things from your brain that you just memorized. When you study don't study somewhere you're going to fall asleep like your bed or a couch. Some good places to study are the library or just a quiet place where people won't distract you.