Forest Heights News

Forest Heights 3/16/15

What is happening at the Heights...

March 16 - SIT Meeting @ 3 pm

March 17 - Principal Meeting - Rice off campus/ See Hardin for concerns

March 18 - Gaston County Museum of Art & History in Kinder claassrooms

March 19 - Fire Evalcuation

March 19 - Early Dismissal; Elementary Professional Learning (I will let you know of changes as soon as/if I am informed)

March 20 - Student Council Spring Pops Delivery

March 23 - JLine Dance Crew - Postive Behavior Assembly

March 24,25,26 FHES Benchmarks

March 25 - Gaston County Spelling Wednesday, 9:30 a.m., Hunter Huss

March 25 - Battle of the Schools FHES vs. PRES.

March 31 - FIELD DAY

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Classroom Spotlight

In our class we learned about some famous African Americans in honor of Black History Month. Our students created projects that represents what some African Americans invented and acknowledged the ones that were a part of The Civil Rights Movement. Here are a couple of people that we focused on Garrett Morgan inveted the traffic lights and Rosa Parks stood up for what she believed! (Yellow bus).

Thank you Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Floyd for sharing!

Fish and Chicken Sale

Thursday, March 26th, 11pm to Friday, March 27th, 7pm

1518 Edgefield Avenue

Gastonia, NC

Dustin Stamey our (ROTC) Huss Student that works very hard here has requested that we purchase a Fish, Chicken or Combo plate from him to support Huss. The food will be deliverd if we purchase 10 plates or close to it. If not he will give you a ticket to pick-up from the school. The cost of the tickets are $8 each.

Please sign up in the office and leave your money with Lauren or Karon by Tuesday or Wednesday. He is very anxious to sell tickets and show how well he can do.

Thanks for your support of our GCS students.


Frontrow recently opened 3 new tabs - Curriculum, Sessions and Growth. With School Edition, teachers have full access to the Sessions and Growth tabs, both of which are very powerful for monitoring student progress. You'll also have access to two sample project-based units for each grade level under the Curriculum tab.

Our Representive said that teachers from all over the country are getting really excited about Curriculum, so he'd love to hear what you think about it, so try it out!

Facebook Changes

TSS has made a change on the content filter to block Facebook for Students.

Teachers and administrative staff will still have access to Facebook as long as they log in to a windows computer.

All devices that users do not log into will NOT have access to Facebook. This includes: iPads, Chromebooks, Macs, and Computers that are logged in locally.

MARCH Birthdays

Charlotte Griffin's Birthday March 1st

Diane McCormick's Birthday March 13th

Jill Medfords' Birthday March 18th

Tamela Jones' Birthday March 19th

Pam Yarborough's Birthday March 26th

Selecia Miller's Birthday March 26th

Let me know:

I am sure that you all have very interesting stories to tell about things you are doing. Please email me newsletter worthy information so that we can share with our staff.