Vote Israel Peña for President

The 1836 election

What are your plans on spending and debt?

I, Israel Peña, will try to spend only on wants important such as the army.

How are you planning to deal with the Native Texans?

I will try to get the Natives to comes and be loyal citizens of Texas.
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How will you deal with an unruly army?

I will have a test to see who will be the general of the army and do as much as I can to help with guns, armor, and food.

Mexico does not recognize us as a independent country, How will you deal with that?

I will set up some soldiers on the mexico border so that they wont try to come and invade and overrule Texas.
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What is your position on being annexed into the United States?

I think we should be annexed with the U.S. because it could help us with our army and debt.
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And finally how will deal with the issue of slavery in Texas?

By fighting for freedom and individual rights
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