2 February 2016 | #5 Edition

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MyLDS 2016 is over!!

Together with the other 13 LCs (we now have 14 LCs in Malaysia), UM delegates have completed our one week long national conference! Talk to the delegates themselves to know what happened and what realizations or learnings they have gained from these 8 days! :D

Feel free to browse the official MyLDS 2016 FB page for photos!

And luckily for you, the conference outputs are OUT just in time to match our LC Newsletter. What are you waiting for? Download them now by clicking the button below! :D

Global Village @ MyLDS 2016

EB 2d2n planning retreat at ipoh, perak done

EB 15/16 and EB 16/17 elects have been to the outskirts of Ipoh, Perak for our planning retreat to come up with clearer directions for the next 60 days, while reviewing our AUM 2018 vision and setting the milestones for us to achieve them! And we're glad to have some Observers joining us who are non-EBs, yet willing to contribute their opinions as well. And much appreciation to our Chair, Denise Tai for coming all the way to facilitate our discussions and planning. :)

Presenting to you, our revised AUM 2018 Vision:

"Youths are striving for leadership development to bring positive impact to the community around UM."

Stay tuned for the outputs of the planning retreat! Or ask a EB now to know more! :D

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LCVP 16/17 Election Round 2 is HAPPENING!!!

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Hey AIESEC! I'm sure by now you have saw Nyon Nyin's post in our LC FB group that our Round 2 LCVP 16/17 election has started, and we have 12 brave souls stepping up their game this time for the remaining 3 positions!

For convenient purposes, we have gathered their application videos for your sake, in case you do not have much time to go through and scrutinize their application packages. So here you go! =)

If you still want to view their application packages, there's a button at the end of this newsletter for it! :D

Candidates' videos in alphabetical order:

  1. Alex Lim Swee Yong (LCVP iGCP)
  2. Chia Pei Ying (LCVP MarComm)
  3. Chong Meng Soon (LCVP MarComm)
  4. Fang Kai Loon (LCVP TM)
  5. Look Yuen Kei (LCVP TM)
  6. Low Pei Shen (LCVP iGCP)
  7. Lye Mei Chin (LCVP MarComm)
  8. Nicole Lee Kah Yee (LCVP MarComm)
  9. Tan Ke Yi (LCVP iGCP)
  10. Tan Xin Yi (LCVP MarComm)
  11. Thomas Hoi Theng Wai (LCVP MarComm)
  12. Yeam Kah Mun (LCVP MarComm)

ALEX LIM SWEE YONG_AIESEC in UM LCVP 1617 Application Video
Chia Pei Ying_AIESEC in UM LCVP 1617 Application Video
Chong Meng Soon_AIESEC in UM LCVP 1617 Application Video
Fang Kai Loon_AIESEC in UM LCVP 1617 Application Video
LOOK YUEN KEI_AIESEC IN UM LCVP 1617 Application video
Low Pei Shen_AIESEC in UM LCVP 1617 Application Video
NicoleLeeKahYee_AIESEC in UM LCVP 1617 Application Video
Tan Ke Yi_AIESEC in UM LCVP 1617 Application Video
Tan Xin Yi_AIESEC in UM LCVP 1617 Application Video
Thomas Hoi Theng Wai_AIESEC in UM LCVP 1617 Application Video
Yeam Kah Mun_AIESEC in UM LCVP 1617 Application Video

NOTES for StoryTime, Dept Updates, and Upcoming Opportunities sections.

For StoryTime, because there are too many sharings and stories ongoing, so we do not want to bombard this newsletter with too many things for now. If you wish to know how are our EPs doing, stay tuned as we will have some initiatives to get you guys their stories during GCP soon. Or as you may have noticed, there are already some sharings from Kian Tian and Alex on our LC Facebook Page! :D

If you want to get quicker updates, just follow their Facebook accounts as they are quite active in updating their daily lives during GCP!

This may be the last biweekly Eye-Z newsletter for the moment. From here on, we will be trying to revamp the newsletter into a weekly version, and dividing them into both external and internal newsletters so that we can engage our non-AIESEC friends as well! So, stay tuned! :D

Oh, and enjoy the rest of your holidays! :D

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