Google Docs App Tips

Help your students be proficient using Google Docs

Selecting Text

To select text in a Google Doc, students hold their finger down on the text until the magnifying glass appears.

When the black menu appear, choose select.

Drag the edges of the blue highlighting box over the text they need to select.

Magnifying Glass

When this appear, lift up your finger and the menu below will appear. This magnifying glass can also be used to place your cursor in a specific place to correct misspellings or add to your text.
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Use this black menu to choose select.
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Click and hold on the blue dots to drag the selection box and expand the highlighted text.
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Speak Selection

Did you know that anything typed into a Google Doc can be read aloud to a student on their iPad?

Students just need to select the text they want to hear, and click the Speak option in the black menu that appears. Click the SPEAK in the black menu to have your iPad read you the selected text. In this picture above, the iPad would read aloud the word "eminence."

Inserting Objects into Document

The + button at the top right is where students can go to insert an image, a table, or a comment.
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Editing Text

To change fonts, colors, styles, alignment, add bullets, etc. students should have their cursor on the document and click the icon at the top right that is a capital A with horizontal lines. There are two tabs shown below, text and paragraph.

Menu Options

The three dots at the top right is the menu.
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If you click on Share & export, you can share this file with anyone in City of Decatur, save it as a Microsoft Word document, print it, or copy it.
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