:( ZERO ):

(: By.Bethany-Ann Hill :)

Zero Means Zero Nothing More Nothing Less

He supported the Spoils system, He sent the Cherokee Indians packing in the "Trail of Tears" , and during his presidency he reigned as if a king. See look at that face....he looks like a natural born ZERO.

Zero and I have my reasons

Andrew Jackson

Jackson doesn't have any good qualities about himself ,and people trying to blown him up and make him look good. I mean come on people you're blowing him up too big his,hair is already big enough...oh for that joke it's head...oh okay.

If you need more information http://www.ipl.org/div/potus/ajackson.html :)


For this political cartoon I used the idea of the spoils system to get votes. Saying if you vote for me even though your'e not qualified your hired.

The American Presidents- Andrew Jackson.flv


This explains some of his bad deeds .

Bethany-Ann Hill 03 period 01/16/14 :)