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What happens in the library during the summer?

We plan for the upcoming year

On May 30, 2012 the library staff met at the home of Dr. Samuel Brown, Library Director, for a Library ‘Visioning’ workshop. After lots of brainstorming (and food) the staff wrote down their ideas on a number of comment sheets that were posted around the room. The ideas were grouped into the following categories:

  • Archives (paper and digital)
  • More library staff collaboration
  • Greater library presence at the college
  • Physical space and its use
  • Library services
  • Defining who we are as librarians
  • New initiatives

In the fall the library staff will break into action teams to tackle the various issues, selecting at least one in each category that can be addressed in the 2012-2013 budget year. Everyone left the workshop energized at seeing how their creativity could lead the library in new directions. Follow-up visioning sessions with faculty, staff and students will be scheduled on campus later in the fall so that they may share their ideas about library services with the library staff. -SB

We weed... but not in the garden

Every summer the library "weeds the collection"- which means that we go through the books and pull out anything that no longer meets our criteria. John Leonetti attended a workshop on this process where experts advised using the acrostic MUSTIE (which could be appropriate for some old books with mold):

  • (M)isleading: outdated or factually inaccurate
  • (U)gly: worn beyond repair, dirty shabby warped etc., or pictures outdated for today
  • (S)uperseded: newer edition available
  • (T)rivial: No literary or scientific merit
  • (I)rrelevant: has not circulated in ___years, no longer a hot topic or duplicate copies no longer needed
  • (E)lsewhere: more updated information can easily be found online.

Some people may find it hard to believe that a library would get rid of books. But with a limited amount of space and a commitment to providing relevant information, certain books do not meet the qualifications of the library’s mission statement and therefore need to be removed from the collection. The librarians weigh carefully the usage/age and value/quality and physical deterioration of all our choices. -JL&JH