First Grade December Newsletter

Gulledge Elementary First Grade

What we are learning!!


First graders will continue to use each step of the writing process. Students will revisit the parts of a complete paragraph and begin to form expository paragraphs. Students will learn the difference between writing a personal narrative about their life and writing an expository, which provides information. First graders will write a "How-To" piece on a topic of their choice to practice the use of transition words and teaching others how to complete a task.

Reading/Social Studies

This month in Reading Language Arts we will be learning about long vowels with the cvce pattern. We call this Super E, Sneaky E or Magic E! We will also be learning about verbs and their tenses. Our comprehension focus will be main idea and retelling events in sequence. Our Social studies content will focus on culture through folk tales and holidays around the world.


This month we are finishing up our learning on 2D and 3D shapes. We are learning about the properties of shapes like vertices, edges, sides, faces, and flat surfaces. We are also identifying shapes and explaining what we know about each one. We are about to move into our next topic of fractions. We will be learning how things can be equally divided into halves and fourths. With fractions, we will learn about describing and making equal parts of whole objects as well.


The student will continue to develop the ability to ask questions and seek answers in classroom and outdoor investigations. The student will be expected to: plan and conduct simple descriptive investigations such as ways objects move.

Each student will have the opportunity

to classify objects by observable

properties such as larger and smaller, heavier and lighter, shape, color and texture. The student will also have the chance to demonstrate understanding of force, motion and energy and how it is related to everyday life.

First Grade Tidbits

With the weather getting colder, please make sure your child is dressed appropriately. Make sure your child always has a jacket and label on the inside tag with their name so if it gets lost, we know who it belongs to!

We have early release on Friday, December 18th at 12:00. Please make sure arrangements are made.

Just a reminder, make sure that you are reading with your child every night. If your child struggles with sight words, practice sight words with flash cards, repetition writing, or how many times can they find that word in text.