Great Lake City Weather

By: Katie Charest, and Alex Routh, Hour 8

Chicago the Rainy City

Chicago is in the upper Midwest near the Great Lakes. Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, and Wisconsin border Illinois. Illinois is very cold and rainy because it is so far north. There are big thunderstorms in Chicago, such as the one on 6/13/2013. There are also blizzards such as the one in 1967 that got 23 inches of snow. Flooding has happened too like the one on 7/1/2014 at 6:21 PM. There are also tornadoes. There were some on 3/28/1920 (there were four tornadoes on this date, 3/4/1961, 4/4/1965, 4/21/1967(there were two tornadoes on this day, 6/13/1976, 8/28/1990, 4/20/2004. Humidity in the past has been 85-90%. The average wind speed is 16.5. Weather includes sun, thunder, rain, snow, and partly cloudy. Precipitation that we get is snow, rain, and thunder storms. The highest average temperature in Chicago is 84 degrees F. The lowest average temperature for Chicago is 33 degrees F. The most amount of rainfall Chicago has had is 22 inches, and the lowest is 3 or 4 inches.

Weather in the Future and Past of Chicago

The types of precipitation we have are in the polar vortex which includes snow, rain, and thunderstorms. The yearly amount of precipitation over all is 37.7 inches. Current state of precipitation ( according to 2/23/2015) is sunny with a zero percent chance of snow(16 degrees F). The average high temperature is 40 degrees F, the current temperature is 20 degrees F, and the average low temperature is 26 degrees F. The 15th to the 21st of January was the coldest temperature Chicago has had this year. On the 1st of march it is supposed to rain. On the 12th of March they are going to have rain and ice mixed.
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