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Can we go any faster?

What a wonderful weekend! Our Science Olympiad team represented Combs beautifully and came home with the most awards ever! William Winslow had a record-breaking food drive weekend and our Chess Club came home with a trophy. As one parent said, “Combs is the best school ever!”

Special thanks to Lauren, Kelly Pattison, Janet, Kayla Pleasants and Angie Mitchell for providing these leaders in Science with such a wonderful experience. So many of our parents also coached our children that made it a family affair. It you attended any of these events, thank you for your ongoing support of our children and our school.

Our Golden Gators received the highest score ever during the Zaytoun performance at Meymandi last week. We are so proud of our children and Jacquie!

Last weekend, our Chinese team participated in the Chinese speaking competition. We are so proud of our children and appreciate Yao’s support. Also, we are so proud of our Girls on the Run Team! They ran a 5K in Durham last weekend. Thank you to those of you that participated.

Please see the attached list of all children participating in events this week. Also, please note the times and locations of where the children are to be.

Please remember Angie Headley and her family in your thoughts and prayers. Angie’s grandmother passed away this weekend. Also, please remember Betsy Dean in your thoughts and prayers. Her aunt passed away suddenly this weekend.

In the midst of all that is going on this week, we are reviewing testing data. We are thrilled with the results. There are a few outliers. We will meet with those of you first---and everyone else later. We can’t waste one day getting these children where they need to be.

Please see the attachments in the folder to review what students have speaking parts on Thursday's visit.

There is another attachment in the folder to show what students are participating in a breakout session on Friday at the conference. These students will leave school at 8:30 Friday morning.

As for the tour times, we are NOT doing zone visits. We are asking for tour guides to simply walk visitors around the building to see various locations. Specials and lunch times will remain the same. Due to the tight schedule, there will only be 30 minutes allotted for tour groups.

Due to coverage issues, we will need all K and 1st grade teachers to eat with their classes on Friday. Thank you for understanding.

Upcoming Events


April 20

  • Faculty Meeting @ 3:30
  • Imagine Learning (5:30-6:30)

April 21

  • District 5 BAC Meeting (9:30-11:00)

April 22

  • Final Tour Preparations

April 23

  • Magnet Schools of America Tour Group @ Combs (9:15-10:45 & 12:15-1:45)
  • Magnet Schools of America Conference
  • Happy birthday, Vicki!
  • WCPSS Principals' Meeting

April 24

  • Magnet Schools of America Conference
  • K/1st Grade Teachers, please eat with classes

April 25

  • Magnet Schools of America Conference


April 27

  • Faculty Meeting (3:30-4:30)
  • Happy birthday, Morgan!

April 28

  • Leadership Symposium

April 29

  • Fifth Graders to Washington, D.C.

April 30

  • Fifth Graders to Washington, D.C.
  • Happy birthday, Maria!

May 1

  • Fifth Graders to Washington, D.C.
  • Magnet Coordinator Meeting
  • Children's Chat

May 2

  • WCPSS Teacher Job Fair
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