Forest Park Library Media Center


“I love the way that each book — any book — is its own journey.

You open it, and off you go…”

– Sharon Creech, author of Love that Dog

Reading through the Seasons in your FP LMC! Happy Winter!

Dear Fabulous Forest Park Family,

I hope this letter finds you and your precious families well! It has been a great First Semester in your Forest Park Library Media Center (FP LMC)! It's hard to believe we are already in the second semester! Time flies when you're having fun!

What a blessing to serve as your Library Media Specialist! Thank you for allowing me to share the love of reading with your precious little ones! We have had many amazing reading adventures so far this year, and we have many more planned!

We are always on the search to find good books to update our collection to provide as many new reading adventures as possible! If you or your little bookworms have any good reads to add to our collection, please email me! We want an exciting collection full of favorites to keep our readers travel bound!

No need for trains, planes, and automobiles, travel the world right in the comfort of your own home! Snuggle up and warm your hearts during these cold winter days with amazing magical books and the ones you love! Remember, a family that reads together grows together!


Mrs. Graves, Your Blessed LMS

Learning in your FP LMC!

We are learning so much in our FP LMC! Ask your little bookworms these questions to see just how much they learned:

  • Kindergarten/First Grade – What does it mean to be a good Digital Citizen? What is fiction and nonfiction? What are eBooks? Where can I go to find information? What is an author and an illustrator? What are the parts of a book? What is the Caldecott Medal? What is the Arkansas Diamond Award?
  • Second/Third Grade – What is Cyber Safety? What is a Digital Footprint? Where do books come from? What makes a great story? What is the inside and outside parts of a book? What is the Arkansas Diamond Award? What are book genres? What is the author’s purpose of writing fiction and nonfiction? What are the types of fiction? How are the books arranged in the library?
  • Fourth/Fifth Grade – What is Cyber Safety? What is a Digital Footprint? What makes a great story? How are books arranged in a library? What are the two main types of books? What is the author’s purpose for writing? What is the Newberry Award? What is the Charlie May Simon Award?

Kindergarten through Fifth Grade students are also participating in the Schoology Library Course! They are navigating their way through wonderful literature and amazing research by visiting their Forest Park Virtual Bitmoji Library and Bookshelves and learning about the world around them!

Students have learned what it means to be a good digital citizen!

Please remind them of the following TOP 4 Digital Citizenship Tips to ensure their safety online!

ONE: Always be where your teacher asks you to be!

TWO: Always ask permission!

THREE: Keep your private information private!

FOUR: Protect yourself and others online!

Be a good digital citizen! Always use technology respectfully, responsibly, and safely!

Visit for more cyber safety tips and book/movie suitable content reviews! Thank you for helping us keep your precious little ones safe!

February is our fifth annual Love Your Library Month (LYLM)! We are celebrating in conjunction with Black History Month! Our theme this year is Learn it! Live it! Make it! Students will participate in virtual makerspace activities in the LYLM Virtual Makerspace Challenge and hands-on makerspace activities inspired by biographies, nonfiction science books, and famous African American inventors, architects, engineers, and athletes from our Bitmoji Bookshelves! Makerspaces encourage creativity and high order thinking skills! We found out that libraries are more than just a place to get lost in great reading adventures! They are also a fun place to discover and learn!

Reading Ranger Book Bingo - Reading Rangers, GAME ON!

Our Forest Park Reading Rangers have been busy reading loads of amazing books as they complete their monthly Reading Ranger Book Bingo Boards!

January Bingo Boards are due February 11th, and February Bingo Boards are due March 11th!

You will find the BINGO Boards stapled to the monthly calendars in your child's agenda book! Students have Reading Ranger Book Bingo Directions and a list of possible questions that will be asked on a random book from their lists! Ms. Jimerson and I will choose 1-2 books from their lists and ask 2-3 questions from the possible question list to ensure the books are being read from beginning to end!

Please encourage your child to participate and reach their ultimate goal of BINGO Blackout! Students will receive a prize when they read books to BINGO the first time! If students read all of the books on their BINGO board, they will earn an invitation to the BINGO Blackout Game Extravaganza in the library! Students have the whole month to BINGO traditionally one time and reach their ultimate goal of BINGO Blackout! We will have a Grand BINGO Blackout Game Extravaganza in May to celebrate those who earned BINGO Blackouts 5 out of the 6 months!

Please read together whenever possible! It is such good practice for children of all ages to read aloud! It helps with fluency and comprehension! And you reading to them, models fluency! Be sure to find a comfy spot to cuddle up and read to each other!

Thank you for helping encourage a life-long love of reading!

Helpful Reading Ranger Book Bingo Resources

Click on the links below for book lists to help with February Book Bingo!